Honda Shows Off 2024 Prologue EV SUV, Promises Mixture Of Retro And Modern Cues

In literature (as well as movies), a prologue is used to set up the scene for the broader story and helps lay down the groundwork for the events of the title in question. In Honda’s case, it hopes that the 2024 Honda Prologue will help lay down the foundation for an all-electric future for the Japanese auto giant in the U.S.


Honda Prologue Has GM DNA But Goes In Unique Direction

The Honda Prologue shares its platform and electrification technology with GM’s lineup of Ultium vehicles, but while the hardware originates in Detroit, the Prologue’s design is all Honda. Created and styled by the company’s Los Angeles design studio, the BEV takes some of its inspiration from models like the rugged Passport and that’s reflected in the exterior styling, which straddles the line between retro exercise and modern green machine. 

Honda claims it went for a “neo-rugged” theme with the Prologue. As a result, the SUV has a more chiseled appearance, with the front fascia embodying strong athletic tones and the headlights resembling the Honda Civic. The Prologue also has a long 121.8-inch wheelbase, and designers managed to create a design that fully uses the extra length. The rear of the Prologue also reflects this ruggedness, with the taillights being unified by a large black bar with the HONDA script spelled out in the center.  That replaces the long-running H logo, and it will be interesting to see if this will trickle down to other Honda models in the future.

Meanwhile, the interior follows the same route we have seen with other electric offerings and adds plenty of technology for buyers to enjoy. That includes two large digital screens, with the 11-inch digital instrument cluster being complimented by an 11.3-inch infotainment screen promising plenty of features and HD-grade screen quality. The rest of the interior has a functional motif but we will admit the thickly bolstered seats do appear to signify that the Prologue can produce potent performance numbers when asked to do so.


When Will We See The 2024 Prologue?

For now, Honda is limiting our view of the Prologue to a few pictures, and we still don’t know how much power the Prologue will produce though the appearance of an all-wheel drive model suggests that a dual-motor setup is part of the plans for the SUV. Honda claims that the company will have more details about the Prologue in a few months, which could be a thinly veiled nod to a potential debut at the 2022 L.A. Auto Show. 



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