Infiniti QX60 Monograph concept emerges as thinly veiled preview of next gen QX60 model

It has been awhile since we heard from the folks at Infiniti. The Japanese luxury brand first emerged on the scene several decades ago, and for awhile, it was a very compelling alternative to not only established U.S. luxury automakers, but also Japanese rivals like Lexus and Acura. However, this momentum gradually deflated, and the brand has been in a figurative holding pattern in recent years while rivals leapfrog it in technology and sales numbers. But Infiniti is ready to fight back, and has unveiled a glimpse of its future, the QX60 Monograph concept.

Just don’t call it a formal concept in front of Infiniti representatives, who claim that while it’s not a 100 percent representation of the production QX60, it’s close enough to not be called a concept (we’re pretty confident that’s not how it works Infiniti.) But while the jury will be forever deadlocked on the Monograph’s categorical identity, we hope that they pause for a moment to take in the sights delivered by the exterior styling. The front fascia unapologetically lifts some core elements of the bigger QX80, but the bulk of the styling also comes infused with some of the artistic angles that have defined recent Infiniti entries. The end result is a very dynamic canvas, and it’s good to see that Infiniti has regained some of there lost design mojo.

Normally at this point, we would tell you about how some of this design energy works its way into the interior, but the Japanese luxury brand preferred to keep the public’s attention on the exterior, and didn’t release any images of the cabin whatsoever. But while the darkened windows might have hid the cabin from view, we suspect that some of the QX80’s DNA will be grafted into it, especially in regards to the seats, as well as some of the basic interior layout. One thing that we can definitely count on is the appearance of a new infotainment system which could finally give Infiniti the means to take on the best that iDrive and others have to offer.

“More than a design study or concept, a ‘Monograph’ provides a tangible insight into how Infiniti plans to transform a future model. The QX60 Monograph previews some of the proportions and design elements that will adorn the brand’s future three-row SUV, ” Infiniti revealed during the QX60’s virtual debut.

Look for the fully production QX60 to make its official appearance sometime in 2021, we hope to have more information about the kind of performance that will be found under the hood, as well as a better grasp of what the interior will have in store for buyers when they get a chance to slip behind the wheel of the QX60.

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