2018 INFINITI Q Inspiration Concept – Photo & Video Flyaround

The Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept is not an instant love-at-first-sight type of machine.

Its Tesla overtones are quite obvious.  And not always for the best.

The white front grille and the ultra rounded fenders do come to life in person.  The grille is not just a slat shield but a 4D bending thing of great beauty.  Check out the new depth on the Infiniti badge up front — directly off the Prototype 9 open-wheel EV racer in the background of tna few of these shots.

And as smooth and dolphin-like as the tail is… keep an eye on the upper slashes in bodywork above the horizontal light-bar.  There is menace and ingenuity in this design.  If might not be very practical for production purposes… but does show a clear look at Infiniti’s future face.

2018 INFINITI Q Inspiration Concept

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