Designer Showcase – N.01 Autonomous Race Car Concept By Fernando Pastre Fertonani

Gorgeous new designs out of Brazil this week from Fernando Fertonani!

This fresh Masters in Transportation Design SPD Milan grad has penned out a look a driverless endurance racecar of the future.

Imagine this as an LMP1 competitor and its rigid bodysides, shrouded front axle and massive wings make beautiful sense.  The open rear tires with central drive system appear to be designed for cooling – wrapped in blocky linear wings that form bodywork and tail stabilizers.  Massive electric motors inside each wheel hub reinforce the thrust this is designed to handle.

Instead of a tall cockpit area and mid-mounted motor out back, the N.01 stays Ultra low for its midsection.  The flatpack skateboard of energy storage is similar to Teslas and is largely feasible for low-volume production.  A central hump element houses the mainframe CPUs that keep this racer humming.  Notably absent?  Sensors and cameras and laser arrays typical of first-gen autonomous prototypes from Google, etc.

Ultra low drag coefficient/ultra low center of gravity is the name of the game and might make 250MPH possible without much innovation. The hard-edged design ethos is a bit Audi-esque but has a flowing, fluidic appeal all its own.

Hope to see and hear this N.01 in future Roborace cars in real life!

Cheers Fernando!

N.01 Autonomous Race Car Concept

N.01 Autonomous Race Car Concept
N.01 is a concept designed by NOI Design Studio that wants to present the studio identidy through the Roborace world.
As a full autonomous car, no pilot is needed, so this brought freedom to play with shapes and the architecture. 
With the batteries in the middle and the motors in the wheels, N.01 shows a sleek and sporty layout.

The fluid shape dresses the car, creating a functional and sculptural body, and the rear creates a balance, bringing more technical aesthetic showing the in-wheel electric motors.

 Functional, minimal, agressive and refined… this is N.01.


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