Auto Industry Insider: 4 Questions To Ask Before Switching To Electric

Let’s face it; there has never been a more attractive time to make the switch to an electric vehicle. 

EVs are becoming more affordable. Chargers are more readily available. And the landscape is now more accommodating. Before buying your first EV, though, it’s important that you enter the process with a clear mindset. Use the following four questions for guidance and you won’t go far wrong.


1) Is all-electric the way to go?

It’s great that you want to jump into the world of electric vehicles. However, you have to confirm that it is a practical choice. Depending on your location and other influential factors, it may be better to choose a hybrid rather than an all-electric car. Either option will be a major improvement on your current gas guzzler. It’s likely that you will change vehicles once more in the next five years or so. With this in mind, you could subsequently make the transition to an EV when you make your next update. 

And if all-electric is the perfect option right now, the research you’ve done will give you added confidence.


2) Which model is right for me?

The most attractive feature of the EV market is that there is now a growing family of models available to buy. Moreover, manufacturers like Lexus are dipping their toes into the concept of electric hypercars. When looking at all-electric cars, there is no one right answer for everyone. You’ll need to consider a range of factors like the distance covered on a single charge, top speed, and size. Only a car that meets your needs will do.

Dedicated electric car showrooms and dealers will provide extra assistance if you need it. Make the right choice and your future behind the wheel will be far happier.


3) What shall I do with my old vehicle?

If you are looking at the prospect of buying a new vehicle, you will also need to think about the current one. After all, it’s unlikely that you will want to keep your environmentally damaging gas vehicle. If you are updating your situation after wrecking your old vehicle, a junk car buyer will be your best option. As well as getting a fair price, you’ll benefit from the convenience. It allows you to focus on finding the right EV.

When your current car is in OK condition, a part-ex may be ideal. Private sales always come with the threat of a buyer wanting a refund.


4) What steps should I take to add convenience?

Once you have made the transition to an all-electric car, it changes almost every aspect of life behind the wheel. Therefore, it’s essential that you find ways to make driving more convenient. A home charging station could be the perfect option, especially if you live in rural areas. Other accessories that you may wish to consider are an electric car blanket and an electric car floor jack. 

As with any vehicle, making small updates to the infotainment systems or seats can have a telling influence. A little personalization goes a long way.



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