Subaru Teases 2023 Solterra EV, Latest Fruit Of Partnership With Toyota

The Toyota bZ4x teased a glimpse into what an electrified future could look like at Toyota. It would come with a very odd moniker and also bring some slick green vehicle technology to green vehicle buyers. With the Japanese auto giant’s partnership with Subaru going well, it should come as no shock to hear that Subaru will be getting a version of their own. It lurked in the shadows for a while, but Subaru finally released the first teaser images of the upcoming Solterra EV SUV.


Exterior Styling Is 100% Subaru.

Before we dive deep into what makes the Solterra stand out, we might as well give a small thank you to Subaru for granting us mercy when it came to the Solterra moniker. Whereas the bZ4X name is a jumble of numbers and letters, Solterra is simple and rolls off your tongue in a nice fluid way. As for the exterior styling, it largely follows the same simplified script with the front fascia featuring angular LED headlights and a black backsplash of trim that’s nestled behind the large Subaru logo. With Subaru choosing to shoot the car in a scenic forest, the undergrowth hides some of the finer details, so we get to wait a bit to see what else the Solterra’s face brings to buyers.

The rear fascia is more revealing, with sharply angled taillights complimenting the plastic cladding that adorns the rear bumper. A spoiler also appears to be part of the design, and all five emblems are present and accounted for. The photograph not only confirms that the Solterra will come with an all-wheel-drive system but that it will also feature an all-new blue-hued EV badge. Look for this badge to make other appearances on future Subaru EV models. The side profile is where the Solterra will share the bulk of its passing resemblance with the Toyota, but the psychedelic dewdrop prevents us from getting a good look here, too (Subaru sure knows how to use all the forest to its advantage.)


Solterra Interior Goes Upscale

The one image of the Solterra’s interior reveals that the EV will go in a decidedly more premium direction versus other Subaru models. The photo is darkened to not only hide some of the details but also highlight some of the technology. A large infotainment screen dominates the center stack while haptic controls cascade below it. A large rotary dial serves as a possible controller for the infotainment software while a weird set of lighting rounds out the festivities. We’re sure that it’s for aesthetics, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Subaru designers decided to have some fun with this feature and perhaps threw in a quirky feature or two.

A digital instrument cluster is also on board, and the steering column is perhaps one of the largest we have ever seen. We hope that doesn’t translate into the Solterra having a limited suite of adjustability for drivers, but there’s also the chance that Subaru could rectify it in a production version. In the meantime, we suspect that a large percentage of recycled materials will make their way into the cabin, including plastics, metal trim, and even leather that does not come from an animal. Subaru chose not to include the performance details in today’s release but look for that to happen another time.

When Can I Buy A Subaru Solterra?

For the moment, the Solterra is slated to go on sale in the middle part of next year, which will allow it to debut as an early 2023 model. In the meantime, look for more teasers to emerge over the next few months, and we look forward to hearing answers to some rudimentary questions, including how much range the Solterra is capable of getting, final pricing, as well as whether the Solterra will appear before or after its Toyota badged sibling?


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