Dodge Releases Sinister Teaser Of Final “Last Call” Challenger Model, Promises To Be Epic

Dodge’s “Last Call” run of Challenger and Charger models have proven to be very good sendoffs for the iconic duo as they make their way into retirement to make room for Stellantis’s EV future. However, one “Last Call” model has been noticeably absent from the Challenger family with Dodge reps admitting that early prototypes had a tendency to make the engines explode. After remedying that flaw, Dodge is now finally ready to reveal it and has launched a series of teasers leading up to its debut in Las Vegas in March.


We Spy With Our Little Red Eyes A Monster Of A Muscle Car

The 11-second long teaser that Dodge released today doesn’t reveal too much but it does remind us of a clip from the Saw movies with a demonic red-eyed figure starting back at the viewer. We still don’t know what Dodge has up its sleeve but the red eyes and the demonic undertones could perhaps point to an unholy creation, a Demon Redeye model. The 808 hp Demon is still the most powerful Hellcat equipped model that Dodge ever produced and the Challenger Redeye that followed afterwards was slightly tamer at 797 hp. With that high of a horsepower bar set, it’s natural to assume that Dodge engineers have found a way to surpass the 900 hp barrier perhaps with more engine upgrades or making the engine capable of accepting high octane racing fuel.

The car itself has been teased since last year with Dodge rolling a heavily camouflaged prototype out for the masses at Speed Week in Detroit. The prototype had the license plate “1FAST29” perhaps hinting at some of the performance numbers that the model has been able to achieve in testing.


When Will We See It?

Thankfully the wait won’t be too much longer, with Dodge confirming that it will be debuting the mysterious new model March 20th, at The Strip in Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Those interested in attending this special bonus edition of Roadkill Nights (the original in Detroit is still slated for August) can buy tickets by clicking this link  In the meantime you can also check out our encounter with the mystery Challenger in a sperate video below.



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