Dodge Claims Inline-Six Can Fit In EV Charger, Could It Hint At Hybrid Model?

When we last saw the next-generation Dodge Charger, it was during the 2022 Woodward Dream Cruise that the brand used it to headline its celebration of horsepower and the end of the road for the current generation Charger and Challenger models. Dodge reps claim that the Charger (and we assume the Challenger) will be all-electric for now, but a new comment from brand boss Tim Kuniskis appears to perhaps leave open the possibility of a gasoline-powered version of the model in the near future.


Inline-Six Can Fit In Sleek Muscle Car

The comment came during an interview that Kuniskis did with the folks at CarScoops when he was asked if the next-generation Charger could fit a traditional gasoline engine under the hood.

“I’ve been very transparent that our next cars are built on the STLA Large platform and that the STLA Large platform is a multi-energy platform.” In simple terms, that means the platform is very flexible and can support EV, hybrid, and traditional ICE offerings. While this does not give the V8 a stay from the proverbial executioner (Dodge has said in the past that the V8 will not be used in the next generation), it could hint that an inline-six model could (in theory) be offered.

The 3,0 liter twin-turbocharged Hurricane inline-six is already gradually making its way to several models, including the 2023 Jeep Grand Wagoneer. The inline-six has a wide range of output figures depending on the model equipped, with the GW featuring a 510 hp version of the powerplant. While Kuniskis has also said that Dodge will be an all-electric brand moving forward, there’s no denying that Dodge doesn’t want to lose a massive amount of sales in the generational shift. While various V8-powered models are the ones that get the headlines and nods from enthusiasts, there are also V6-powered Charger and Challenger models that fly under the radar and appeal to buyers that want the look but don’t have the wallet for maximum performance. This trend will not change in the next few years, and when the next generation Charger arrives, there could be a chance that the Hurricane could give these buyers a good middle-ground point before they make the transition to an all-electric Charger model.


As for the Charger EV itself, we get to wait a few more years to see the production version, but look for it to make a splash when it eventually makes its appearance. 




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