Dodge To Unveil Final “Last Call” Challenger Model In Las Vegas March 20th, Promises To Rewrite The Performance Landscape

While most of us are entering the new year with a fresh start and a proverbial clean slate, Dodge still has one final piece of unfinished business to attend to unveiling the final “Last Call” Challenger model. The mysterious Challenger was initially supposed to debut at this week’s SEMA show and was even teased during the 2022 Woodward Dream Cruise. But supply problems forced Dodge to cancel its SEMA appearance, with different rumors suggesting that the performance brand’s engineers were running into unforeseen challenges creating it. It appears that Dodge has finally overcome these hurdles and confirmed that it would be making its debut on March 20th in Las Vegas.


The Most Powerful Challenger Yet


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This seventh “Last Call” model is based on the Challenger, and this model will be the most powerful Challenger ever created. However, Dodge has done an excellent job of hiding much of the details, with our last sighting being limited to what we could make out underneath a thick sheet and the cryptic license plate 1FAST29 that’s supposed to be a clue about its performance.

A recent batch of rumors suggests that this model has been modified to run on E85 racing fuel. This potent brew and other upgrades could help this model make over 900 horsepower and be the most powerful Challenger we have ever seen. This would not only be more potent than the old Challenger Demon, but it could also be faster too if it manages to outshine its demonic predecessor in a classic quarter-mile sprint.

Dodge claims that it will be hosting a significant bash to celebrate the reveal of the seventh “Last Call” model that will not only be open to the general public but also have festivities worthy of such an occasion, including drag race demonstrations and an appearance by the all-electric Charger Daytona concept. As they say, the wait is worth it, and we are confident that Dodge will make the extra two months well worth it in the end.

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