2023 Honda CR-V Brings Fresher Looks, New Technology To Model

Honda’s long-running CR-V SUV jas become a staple in Honda showrooms and sales, with the model being a potent sales force for the Japanese auto giant. While the model is still relatively fresh when it comes to how long it has been on the shelf, Honda knew that there was room for evolution, and it has released the first tease images of the 2023 CR-V, which adds detail and newfound crispness to the CR-V.


Subtle CR-V Updates Tell A Bigger Story


At first glance, the 2023 CR-V doesn’t deviate too much from what we have seen in the current model, with the core design maintaining its strong family roots, including the headlights and the shape of the front fascia. However, when you move in for a closer look, you start to notice some of the differences that are baked in. An all-new mesh grille replaces the awkward-looking chrome grille, and there’s less of the shiny stuff as you move across other areas of the SUV.

The rear bumper features squared-off exhaust tips. The LED taillights feature additional detailing, and Honda designers even added brushed-aluminum accents in the front of the CR-V for a more cohesive look. While the angles here are limited, it does appear that the CR-V will be in for an evolutionary update versus an all-out radical refresh, and that’ll please buyers that like the CR-V’s charms and some of the value that’s already baked into it.


Hybrid Promises Better Driving Dynamics

It’s important to note that the model featured was the hybrid, and that wasn’t a mere coincidence either, with Honda reps claiming that this version of the CR-V will bring better driving behavior to customers. That’s mainly in part to what the company calls “a more advanced hybrid system for a sportier driving experience and more capability.” Honda’s wafer-thin press release didn’t go too deep into what all that means. Still, it could perhaps point to either revised software or light mechanical tweaks that give the model better towing numbers and perhaps slightly perkier acceleration. The current CR-V Hybrid produces a combined 212 hp, and we suspect that a few more horses will be let out of the corral to beef up that figure.

Thankfully, we don’t have to wait too long to get the full scoop on the 2023 CR-V, with Honda confirming that the model will debut this summer. Expect an equally quick rollout to dealerships soon after. We look forward to getting our questions answered on some of the information currently lingering in the shadows of mystery.


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