Insider: How to Keep Boredom at Bay on a Long Car Journey 

If you have a long road trip ahead of you, you’ll want to ensure you have some go-to activities on hand to alleviate the boredom. Traveling as a car passenger can certainly make for a fun road trip but, after hours on the road, it’s natural for the monotony to get to you. With these top tips, however, you can keep boredom at bay on a long car journey and arrive at your destination sooner than you realize:

1. Listen to an Audiobook

Although many people don’t like to read in the car because it makes them feel unwell, you don’t have to miss out on the latest releases when you’ve got a road trip planned. Audiobooks are a great way to immerse yourself in an intriguing story, which can help the time fly when you’re traveling. What’s more – using your vehicle’s in-car entertainment system and speakers means you can keep the driver and other passengers entertained too. 

2. Play Games Online

If you have a cell phone or tablet with you, you can keep yourself occupied by playing games on your trip. From downloadable apps or online casinos, like, there really is something for everyone. Pack a portable, wireless charger or a power bank and you can keep your devices topped out throughout your journey and keep yourself occupied until you arrive at your destination. 

3. Plan an Itinerary

If you’re going on vacation or you’re going to have some downtime to enjoy during your trip, use your time in the car to plan your itinerary. From researching the best tourist sites online to listing your top priorities, there are numerous ways you can enhance your excursion simply by creating an itinerary while you’re en route. 

4. Blast Some Tunes

No road trip is complete without music, so be sure to prepare a playlist in advance. If you share the same taste in music as your travel buddies, you can use the in-car entertainment system to play your favorite tunes and blow away some cobwebs as you sing along at the top of your voice. Of course, if trying to choose a playlist is sure to lead to disagreements, you might want to stick to headphones instead!

5. Watch a Movie

In-car entertainment options have come a long way in recent times, so make the most of what’s available. If you have your phone, tablet or laptop with you, and internet access, you can choose from thousands of movies and TV shows on popular streaming services. If internet connectivity isn’t guaranteed, simply download the films and shows you want to watch in advance. For frequent travelers, installing a larger screen inside your vehicle can be a great way to keep passengers entertained on a long journey. 

Planning Your Road Trip

With the right preparation, a road trip can be a fun way to get to your destination. However, a little planning is necessary if you want your trip to go without a hitch. From getting your vehicle checked over to stocking up on snacks, you’ll be glad you prepared in advance once you’re on the road! 


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