Aston Martin Poised To Debut Next Gen DB, Promises “Grand Is Not Enough”

Aston Martin is preparing to unleash a new generation of high performance grand touring vehicles into the luxury car segment, with the British sports car maker confirming that the next DB is coming sooner than many people realize with a new pool of teaser images pointing to a very potent surprise for loyalists and new buyers alike.


How Grand Will This New DB Be?

For now, Aston Martin isn’t divulging too many details about the new DB and the company’s wafer thin press release didn’t reveal too many clues either. What is known, is that this upcoming DB will be a big leap forward when compared to the DB11 which rode off into retirement recently with the DBS 770 Ultimate. The shadowy teaser images appear to suggest the car will have a familiar shape, but look for many design elements to be fresh and new with the car not looking to replicate the 12-year production run that defined the axed DB9.

Aston reps also claim that this iteration “will break free from the norms of the GT sector” but it remains to be seen how the car will do just that. IN the meantime, separate images point to an interior that comes bundled with controls for all kinds of features including the climate, radio, and even controls for what appears to be an active exhaust system. A formal engine stop/start button is also visible (Aston Martin did away with the Emotional Control Unit key years ago) which confirms that an ICE powerplant lurks under the hood though with the demise of the V12, look for the new engine to perhaps be the familiar AMG-sourced 4.0-liter, twin-turbocharged V8.


When Will We See it?

Thankfully, the wait won’t be too long with Aston set to reveal the new DB on May 24th. The new DB will also form part of a broader product plan for the company with Aston planning to debut eight new models by 2026 with many of the models having hybrid powerplants under their elegantly shaped hoods. Others will be special edition models like the recently announced DBX707 AMR23 Edition.

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