Aston Martin Poised To Debut New Vantage, Will Be Formally Unveiled February 12th

The Aston Martin Vantage is poised for a big change. The British sports car maker recently confirmed that the Vantage was going to be overhauled but didn’t reveal much info on when we would see it in the flesh. But that’s now changing, with the company not only confirming that it would be unveiled on February 12th, but also supplying a lone teaser image as a sample dish.


A Sign Of Things To Come For Vantage

The lone teaser image Aston sent primarily focuses on one of the front fenders with the vent work taking center stage. The vents appear to be mostly unchanged from the current model but a closer look reveals that some of the finer details seem different pointing to a reworked front fascia. 

Aston’s release didn’t shed any further details in its release, but it’s no secret that the Vantage is due for a refresh with the current model being on the market for several years now. Separate images we have seen of prototypes in the past suggest that the DB12’s DNA will play a prominent role in the Vantage’s new look with the headlights and front grille all having a strong resemblance to the aforementioned GT car. With the V12 retired at Aston Martin due to fuel regulations (this is why we can’t have fun things), we don’t expect the company to bring another twelve-cylinder into the mix. Instead, look for the AMG-sourced, 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 to play a larger role in the Vantage with the eight-cylinder potentially being the core building block for future hardcore performance versions of the model.


When Can I Buy One?

With February 12th being the key date on the calendar for Aston Martin fans, look for the Vantage to go on sale in showrooms later this year. An automatic transmission will most likely continue to be the lone transmission offering at launch, but we wouldn’t put it past Aston engineers if they managed to find a way to add a three-pedal layout to the sports car once again. We also look forward to hearing more details about the interior and final performance numbers as the February 12th moves closer. 

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