Insider: 15 Solid Reasons to Bike Your Way Around!

One of the most special things that you can do with your time is to go on a road trip. Taking the time to go out and see the world on your terms and at your pace is important, especially if you want to make memories and really build on something important for your future. Whether you go it alone or you go with friends, going on a long trip takes a lot of planning and preparation. You have to be ready for everything, prepared for anything and you want to think about why you should be going on this trip at least once in life. You don’t have to go abroad if you don’t want to, of course. Often, you can discover so much about yourself and the country you are in just by road tripping in the space you’ve always lived.


A road trip offers you the opportunity for a little freedom. You get to take time to do something for yourself, to see new things and you can stop where you want. It’s a wonderful feeling to be free of responsibilities and work, but it’s something you will be able to bank on for life in your core memories! Some people choose to hire cars, others go for a motorcycle rental and ride between stops without constriction. A motorcycle rental is actually the more fun option for most people because of how freeing it can be. Donning leathers, getting your helmet sorted and knowing you are in total control of the trip? That’s just one of the best things about being on a motorcycle in general!


No matter how you travel, you have to decide what you are doing on this trip and if you’re stuck for reasons beyond ‘I want to’, take a look at the fifteen solid reasons below.

  1. You want to travel without timing.

One of the biggest reasons people choose to travel on a road trip, is that they want to travel without limitations. The only tme you have to worry about stopping is when you fill your bike with gas. There’s no plane times to consider, train times to stick to – you can work to your own timetable rather than time restrictions or something else. You can pull on your leathers, get on your bike and go. While you won’t have the wind in your hair, you’ll certainly have the open road to be excited about. You don’t want to wait around in departures and a road trip means that you don’t have to!


  1. You have the chance to discover even more than the guidebooks say!

If you haven’t ventured too far from your town then you need to think about how much you have to discover by going further afield. You can get to all the cliche places that your guidebook covers, but you might also find so many hidden gems just off the motorway! You can discover hidden houses and castles, nature trails that offer wildlife sightings and more. Some of the most charming places are off the beaten track but you wouldn’t find them unless you went on a road trip! When you’re on a motorcycle, you can stop wherever you want along the way and you can even get down tracks and roads that cars can’t manage.


  1. You get to see more for your money.

A road trip is one of the best ways that you can get as much traveling in for your money as possible. Let’s not forget that a bike takes less gas than a car and when it’s just you, it’s totally economical to ride. Group trips and package tours are nice, but these can be more expensive than hiring your own motorbike and heading off into the sunset with it. If you go outside the city or you go to the coastal towns, you’ll get so much more for your cash. You’ll also get more for your money in accommodation, especially if you choose to camp.


  1. You are in control

You get to really leave the crowd behind when you’re on a road trip on the back of a motorcycle. You can convoy with friends but there’s no one in your space; just you and the road.. Sure, it’s nice to pile friends and family into the car but sometimes you just want to strike out on your own and be in the world without any distractions.It sounds like a superficial reason to go on a road trip but when you’re in control it can make all the difference to your experience.


  1. It’s an adventure of thrills!

The moment you choose to hire a motorbike and go for it by yourself, it’s an adventure. There’s no set plan other than the one you choose and create. You can sleep under the stars, see the ocean, the countryside, the mountains and more. You can pack as much into a trip as you like and see things that you have dreamed of seeing and no one can tell you it’s the wrong way to do it!


  1. You can change it anytime

During the course of your trip, you can choose to change your itinerary and your locations at any time and you won’t cost yourself anything. When you’re on the back of a motorcycle, you can change direction and you can book to see other things along the way. Hiring your bike means you aren’t going to pay for ticket changes at any point and that can make all the difference when you travel. It’s even better when you can move your way through traffic and not get stuck in a huge queue.


  1. The chance to travel with friends

Road trips do not have to be solo journeys. If all of your friendship groups hire motorcycles, you can basically have a traveling convoy! You can travel on your own if you like but you can also travel with friends. You can develop an amazing bond when you’re camping and traveling together and given that you’ll be hanging out 24/7, you’re going to get to know each other in a much deeper way. This can make all the difference to your fun.


  1. You set your own timeline

The pace of the trip is up to you. If you want to travel on the fast roads for hours at a time, you can. If you want to travel a little slower, you can do that, too. When you stop, you can stay stopped for as long as you need to, too. This will help your trip to be one of a lifetime. Just make sure that you stretch at each stop!


  1. You will always have amazing memories

During the trip, you’re creating memories and those are memories that will stick with you. Whether you are alone or with friends, you’ll find that you are going to make amazing memories of a trip for the rest of your life. You will see so much in shorter bursts of time and you can make a point of doing things that will push you through your comfort zones.


  1. The rest areas – oh, the rest areas!

There are some rest stops that are boring. Gas station, dirty bathroom facilities packed with spiders and dirt roads. There are others, though, that are catered for those on long trips who want to take a well deserved break. There are amazing views, exciting scenery and give you a chance to relax with a sit-down meal and not just a grab bag of chips from the gas station store.

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  1. It’ll change you.

A road trip is such a spontaneous thing to do that it’s hard not to feel changed by it. You are going to learn some things about yourself and your willingness to try new things. You’ll learn what you can cope with and how you can adapt in any situation. You’ll also learn your levels of tolerance as a result of the trip you’re taking. The chance to strike out on your own will be a life changing thing to do and you may never go back to a traditional holiday as a result.


  1. It’s fun

Is there really anything more fun than packing a bag and going wherever you want to go when you want to go? Of course not! You can have as much fun as you like and while it’s also mildly terrifying, you will have more fun than anything.


  1. You can chase the sunshine

You can travel anywhere you want but some people take themselves away to find the sunshine. Going abroad to sunnier climates is going to give you a chance to see new places and enjoy new things while you’re away you can see the clearer skies and find the pieces of the world that allow you to see the constellations at night time. It’s all because of the freedom of the trip that you can do that!


  1. You will manage stress far better

When you are on the road, you will find you can solve problems more quickly and you will feel more ready to solve those issues. Your bike may break down, and your tires may puncture, but you’re going to know how to handle them as much as possible. Your road trip will show you that you are a resilient person no matter what. All of these unexpected revelations will change your outlook in the most positive way.


  1. You’ll play new games!

If you’re with your friends, you’re going to play more games than ever before! Many of the typical car games you may have played as a child can still be played whenever you hit the rest stops with all of your friends who have biked with you!


No matter how you choose to travel, a road trip is going to be a game changer for you. You can make a big difference to your health and wellbeing with one!


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