RM Texas 2014 Highlights – 2001 Ford Thunderbird and 2003 Ford Thunderbird Supercharged Concepts

The RM Auctions Texas 2014 sale in 2014 centered on Sam Pack’s amazing collection of 100-plus amazing American icons.

Of all the marques in the world, Mr. Pack loved Ford best.

And as far as Ford models, the Thunderbird was his all-time favorite.

This is readily apparent looking through the catalog – with at least 10 Thunderbirds of all eras included in pristine, flawless condition.

These two are part of a rare Ford sale of the original auto show concept cars from the 2000s. The 2001 Thunderbird Sports Roadster concept was widely liked when it debuted, and production was fast-tracked. To keep the buzz while production tooled up, a 2003 followup concept in the Thunderbird Supercharged became more production-like in all its detailing, but far more powerful than the original concept (or the forthcoming production T-bird.)

The deeply retro-remake style is very hot and cold; very hit-and-miss. For every huge hit like the 2005 Ford GT, Mini Cooper or even the 1997 VW New Beetle — there are some flops.

The reborn Thunderbird was a flop by the time it hit market. Too old-looking, too impractical as a two-seater, too narrow a market and perhaps bad branding. The detailing seemed cartoonish and jokey in by the mid-2000s as a showroom model.

But Sam Pack loved T-birds through thick and thin.

These two each brought $55,000-plus, which is impressive for museum pieces that are not road legal.


2003 Ford Thunderbird Supercharged Concept

2001 Ford Thunderbird Sports Roadster Concept

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