2018 Morgan 3.7 Roadster – Gallery at Amelia Island Concours 2019

Who knew that gloss black would look as good on some old-school wire wheels as it does on modern five-spoke alloys! This Morgan Roadster at Amelia Concours was a sight to behold – even sitting among its more powerful or more three-wheeled siblings in the Morgan range.

Calling this the Morgan Roadster might seem slightly silly: aren’t they all roadsters, you might ask?

That is besides the point. This is the V6 Roadster whose 5-second sprint to 60-mph and 140-mph top speed are perhaps the ideal performance levels for most shoppers.  Fast and fun with a 3.7-liter motor making 280HP, but not so fast as to be scary like the bigger V8-powered sports cars can tend to be. Remember, these machines have uniquely lightweight construction that enables loads of road feel, but also loads of chassis flex and other non-ideal things to creep into the modern experience.

These cars were at the Amelia Concours thanks to Christopher John Fine Sports cars. It has been more than a decade since new Morgans (besides the three-wheeler) have been available to order and buy in the US market and Christopher John has inventory available for pricing of about $80k. This new Roadster and the Plus Six Roadster can even be kitted out with some very sexy LED main lights that update the car’s face very nicely for 2020 and beyond.

2018 Morgan 3.7 Roadster – Gallery at Amelia Island Concours 2019

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