Insider: 5 Amazing Truck Mods

Trucks are the workhorses of the vehicle world. They may not have the speed and responsiveness of sports cars, but they are dependable, multi-functional, and flexible in the terrain that they can master. They are undemanding and, more often than not, the pride and joy of their owners.

It’s debatable whether you can boost your truck’s performance with freer-flowing exhausts or cold-air intakes, but one thing is for certain, you can boost its aesthetic appeal. The good news is that there are inexpensive ways that you can modify your truck’s look without having to break the bank.

  1. Lift kits

So, you want to make your big truck bigger? A lift kit can add up to three inches and is typically added on top of the coil spring strut gear. Adding height to your truck is one way to make an impact, but the trick is to do it without jeopardizing the manufacturer’s warranty in the process. It’s best practice to get a dealer to fit the lift kit to ensure that the warranty isn’t void, but it means that you’ll be able to add larger tires without the risk of rubbing issues.

  1. Tires and rims

The easiest way to add some magic and convert the look of your truck is with a set of truck rims and strapping tires. If you regularly venture off-road, your requirements will be different from someone who stays on the main highways. It’s best to seek some specialist advice as to which size you need so that you can make sure that they suit your needs and don’t compromise your ride.

  1. Side Rails

The factory issued side rails on your truck are an essential feature that serves as steps to get into the vehicle, but they also protect the main body from rocks and other roadside debris. However, while essential, side rails can be given an update by installing a steel or aluminum rail. These are a sleek update that creates an immediate statement.

  1. Vinyl Vehicle Wrap

Whether you want a vinyl wrap to advertise your business or simply to make your truck a standout statement; a wrap makes your truck’s exterior individual. A customized wrap is not just about making your ride match your personality; it is also another way to protect your vehicle against chips and scratches. You can vinyl wrap the whole vehicle or just selected parts – the roof, hood, side panels, or just the rear window.

  1. The bed

There are unlimited opportunities to personalize your truck’s bed. Choose accessories that suit your lifestyle and requirements. Customizing the bed can be as simple as including a toolbox through to fully kitted out storage units.

Customizing your truck enables you to make a personal statement but also to make it more even more suited to your lifestyle. There are so many ways that you can modify your truck, but care must be taken to ensure that the mods that you do don’t make your truck unsafe or put the manufacturer’s warranty at risk. Use a recognized and trusted dealer to make the changes to ensure your safety. Above all, have fun!

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