Why Getting That New Car May Actually Be Worth It

With countless blogs and websites stressing the importance of saving and minimizing on purchases, some may feel reluctant about splurging on a new vehicle. After all, any new vehicle is a significant investment that, for many, requires financing and adds to existing bills. Because of this, some people may have the mindset that as long as their vehicle gets from point A to B, there is no reason to search for something new. However, before the prospects of buying a new car are written off entirely, consider the reasons why it may be worth getting the car you want after all.


There are many tell-tale signs that a car is no longer safe to drive. If the odometer is showing well over six digits and demonstrates symptoms of a vehicle breakdown, a new car may not just be a luxury, but a necessity. Engine check lights that continue to turn on, engine stalling, and odd noises, for example, can all be typical signs of an aging vehicle that needs maintenance. However, if these issues continue to happen repeatedly even after being fixed by professionals, there may be a higher chance that a car can malfunction and pose as a safety concern. In addition, if safety features are no longer functional, it is possible that a vehicle is no longer drivable.

Change in Household Size

There are several reasons that the number of family members in a household can change. The birth of more children, grandparents moving in, or a recently empty nest are all common reasons this can happen. A newlywed couple may have been just fine with a sports coupe, but once children are born and grow up, a minivan might be a more practical choice. On the flip side, a large family who is finished launching the last of its teenagers may want to trade in that mega SUV for a practical sedan built for fewer people.


When there are major lifestyle changes that happen, there may also be a demand for a new car. While a hatchback may have been fine for commuting to and from work, it isn’t the most practical choice for someone who regularly tows bulky equipment or sporting goods. While a family of five may have enough seatbelts in an average sedan, comfort could become an issue in lengthy road trips. Also, if a vehicle must now regularly accommodate a passenger with special needs, it may need to be switched out for a one that is more easily accessible. Life demands cause people to evolve, and so must their vehicles.

Fuel Efficiency

When gas prices rise, gas-guzzling vehicles might begin to lose their appeal. This is especially true for those who have a long ride to and from work or must use their personal vehicle to run errands throughout the day. The price of fuel can surely take its toll the more a car is driven. Others may prefer a green vehicle for environmental reasons. These are just some reasons drivers may opt to make the shift to a new vehicle with greater fuel efficiency or invest in a hybrid. In addition to fuel savings, some people may enjoy rebates and incentives for their earth-friendly vehicle.


With each passing year, there are newer technological upgrades offered on the latest car models. Some drivers may feel more comfortable with hands-free devices and voice-activated controls. Others may prefer driving and parking aids such as drift alerts, automatic braking, parking sensors, and backup cameras. And then there are those who would like to simply better enjoy their commute complete with premium entertainment options. While some of these features may be available as add-ons to older vehicles, others may be exclusive to newer models.

Whether you need a new car for work purposes or leisure, there are many models that can fit your needs. Like all material possessions, cars have a shelf life, too. When priorities and lifestyles change, it may require a new car as well. And remember, if your budget allows, getting new car solely for the love of automobiles is okay, too.




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Photos by James Crabtree at Goodwood 2018

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