Hero Racecars – 1997 PORSCHE 911 GT1 Marlboro LeMans at The Quail

For fans of anything remotely modern, The Quail Motorsports Gathering is far more enticing than the actual Pebble Beach Concours.

Both are filled with wondrous cars that one cannot believe actually exist in the flesh.

Cars like this 1997 Porsche 911 GT1 in Le Mans racing specification. So rare is this machine that a google search of its name comes up with far more Tamiya 1:24-scale models than it does actual racecars…

This powertrain and design became the GT1 Evo mid-year in 1997, adopting the fried-egg headlamp style of the 996 Porsche 911s.

The 911 GT1 is fantastic to experience up close, even if its Malboro sponsorship livery has been tastelessly updated to the new barcode styling…

The colors and the shape of this machine stand proud with or without the full racing sponsor bodywork, however.


1997 PORSCHE 911 GT1

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