Porsche Goes Wild With Vividly Colored Taycan 4S, Will Be Auctioned For Charity

Porsche‘s futuristic Taycan EV is arguably one of the firm’s most ambitious offerings. It has sleek looks, an interior filled with technology, and an impressive suite of performance. But its silent exhaust note also makes it one of the stealthiest Porsches in the lineup, which might disappoint those hoping to hear the rowdy soundtrack of a flat-six engine. Porsche has found a rather interesting way to draw some more attention to it by creating an all-new Taycan art car that will be auctioned off for a good cause.


Porsche and Richard Phillips Collaborate Once Again For Taycan Creation

The extra attention is not because of any new performance hardware but rather the attention-grabbing paint that adorns this particular Taycan. Porsche collaborated with New York-based artist Richard Phillips to create the livery seen here. Porsche claims that the artwork was inspired by Queen of the Night, a painting that Phillips did in 2010. Looking at it from various angles and its clear that it does help the Taycan increase its green credentials.

A vibrant field of flowers and plants strategically placed butterflies and a partly cloudy sky overlooks the entire scene. The livery itself is not a typical painting with the scene being actually vinyl which is applied to the car with heat guns by the folks at Signal Designs in Germany. This is also not the first time Porsche has collaborated with Phillips, with the artist last applying his artistic skill to the Porsche 911 RSR art car that won first place in its class during the event. This Taycan based work is perhaps the most elaborate yet, and the amount of talent here is obvious. Our favorite touch though is the flower that incorporates the Porsche logo on the hood for a very impressive visual effect.


It’s All For A Good Cause

The Taycan was originally completed in late 2020 with the car being placed on display at a restaurant in Zurich called Leuehof. But pandemic related restrictions and policies forced the restaurant to close, and thus Porsche decided to take the Taycan on tour through some of the facilities it operates in Switzerland. After that’s done, the car will go to the town of Zug, where the RM Sotheby auction house will auction it off.

The proceeds from the auction will go to Suisseculture Sociale, a charity that helps support creative artists with the money helping the organization give financial support to some of the artists and creators adversely impacted by the ongoing COVID_19 pandemic. The winner of the auction itself will also be given a private tour of the Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen plant where the Taycan is built, which is an enviable prize in its own right.

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