Porsche Unveils 2022 911 GT3, More Power And New Suspension Highlight Key Changes

It has been a long time since the world was treated to a new iteration of the legendary Porsche 911 GT3. But after countless spy photos and a brief teaser campaign by Porsche, the German sports car maker has pulled the cover off the 2022 Porsche 911 GT3, and we think that Porsche fans will be very excited with the changes on hand. Here are 4 things you should know about Porsche’s newest thrill ride.


Huge Wing Highlights GT3 Exterior Changes

A wild exterior canvas has always been a key hallmark of any 911 GT3 offering, and this latest version does not disappoint. A prominent identifying feature is found in the front fascia with Porsche engineers adding integrated cooling intakes. The front lip spoiler and diffuser are also highly configurable, which allows the Porsche to be tailored to a wide range of race circuits. This goes along with the slightly wider track, which is 1.9 inches wider than what’s seen on the standard 911 Carerra.

Move to the back, and you are greeted with a massive swan-necked rear spoiler. Like the front bits, the massive wing is also adjustable. A rear-mounted diffuser is also on board, and it helps accent the large circular exhaust tips. Shedding weight was also a top priority for Porsche engineers when they were crafting the 2022 GT3. For example, the glass is made out of lightweight material, while the hood, spoiler, and rear wing assembly are made out of carbon fiber reinforced plastic. This should help make the GT3 much more potent on the track, and we look forward to seeing how these upgrades pan out in the real world. 


Upgraded GT3 Interior Maintains Core Values, Adds Some New Twists

The interior of the GT3 maintains much of the core values that define the standard 911 and adds some new features to help it stand out from the rest of the model lineup. A prominent drive mode button emerges out of the steering wheel. At the same time, the shifter for the PDK transmission adopts a more streamlined design that eliminates some of the blockiness and seems to be more receptive to performance shifts when the driver chooses to use manual mode.

Porsche’s familiar Chrono Package is available as an option, and it adds goodies such as a dash-mounted stopwatch, a secondary digital timekeeper in the instrument cluster, as well as a welcome Lap Trigger function. But while the performance-focused extras are nice to have on the track, they wouldn’t mean much if the cabin lacked comfortable seating for those high-speed track weekends. All GT3s come with standard four-way adjustable Sport Seat Plus thrones, but buyers looking for even more comfort and support can option up to either the 18-way Sport Seat Plus or go all in and equip carbon fiber racing bucket seats. These seats looked sharp in some of Porsche’s press photos, and we’re confident that they’ll satisfy even the pickiest of weekend racers. 


Naturally Aspirated And Proud of It

While turbocharging has helped make certain flavors of the 911 a hit with consumers, the GT3 has always gone against the grain in this regard, with the model always embracing a naturally aspirated powerplant. That trend continues with the 2022 GT3, which gets its track-killing motivation from a 4.0 liter naturally aspirated rear-mounted flat-six that’s good for 502 horsepower and 346 lb-ft of torque. The engine is a screamer, too, with the mill revving up to 9,000 rpm when allowed to play at full song.

As mentioned, a seven-speed PDK is standard, but buyers can also swap it out for an optional six-speed manual. Stick with the PDK, and the GT3 can make the sprint to 60 mph in 3.2 seconds and hit a top speed of 197 mph. The car can also dance its way through corners thanks to a double-wishbone suspension setup at the front. Porsche reps were also quick to point out that the GT3 shares no suspension components with the standard 911. 


How Much For All This Fun?

Suppose all of this sounds like your compelling slice of automotive bread. Be prepared to get in line and pay accordingly for the privilege of owning one. Porsche has not released full pricing for the model yet but expect the GT3 to be one of the pricier 911s in the stable. Pricing should rest comfortably in the $170,000 range though that figure is subject to change once the full pricing ladder is revealed.

As expected from a proper Porsche offering, indulging in the options list will cause the sticker to go up accordingly. But we suspect that particular issue will not be an issue for the bulk of buyers, especially those that might have a fleet of 911s in the driveway or the hangar right next to their favorite private jet. Either way, look for the 2022 Porsche GT3 to continue its winning ways, especially when it makes its appearance in showrooms this fall.  



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