PurSang Argentina Shows Innovative Marketing with Street-Parked 1920s Bugatti GP Car

Amelia Island this weekend was sensory overload. But most of the really high-dollar machines came with their own cadre of security -- making this Bugatti's solo parallel parking even more curious.

Between the Porsche driving demos and the Infiniti test drive booth sat a lovely 1920s Bugatti for many hours each day since Thursday.

Uncovered, unguarded -- and, of course, certainly mobbed by the curious almost every minute.

After all, is this not the exact Type 37 that was well-guarded inside RM's indoor showroom?

[On further research, I believe the photos show a Type 35B Grand Prix, versus the Type 37A from the previous article.]

My assumption was that the owner was inside the nearby restaurant -- watching and keeping things safe from afar.

After a few visits with the Pur Sang Bugatti -- and dozens of detail photos -- we stumbled across a simple stack of business cards at some lounge chairs set up nearby.

The card advertises Pur Sang Argentina, which creates flawless recreations of the greatest Bugatti's of all time.

So -- Is this car a fake? We certainly were all none the wiser; and this was a pretty savvy crowd.

I did not know until hitting their website that it was a recreation.

Even now, I do not know how one would determine the car's provenance beyond a doubt. You can be sure only perhaps 200 people across the globe would know where to check to find out.

Replicas are a great way to use a car on the road without the constant worry and $15,000-per-month insurance premiums that let the car see only sunlight and only weekend road use.

Ordering details are all handled on a bespoke basis. In theory, these expert craftsmen could recreate any Pre-War car, ever, using their hand-made metal forming techniques.

Pricing and further information are available on the PurSang website, here.