Audi Says Adios To V10 With 2022 R8 GT Model, Most Potent R8 Variant Yet

Audi’s 5.2 liter V10 has been a long running staple in the R8 supercar especially after it punted the V8 out of the engine lineup several years back. But the mighty ten cylinder is also a dinosaur from an era where fuel economy was placed in the backseat and displacement and horsepower reigned supreme in the performance car scene. That means it’s now unable to comply with pending fuel economy regulations but Audi is sending it out now with a whimper, but a bang with the all-new 2022 Audi R8 GT


Familiar Name Signifies Beefier Performance

While the=is version of the R8 GT may seem like an all-new offering, it’s actually not, with the original R8 GT model making its appearance back in 2010. Back then, it received a 552 hp version of the V10 and was supposed to be a more hardcore version of the standard R8. I even had a chance to drive one (albeit briefly) before I picked up a pen and it certainly was a memorable experience. The 2022 version largely follows this same formula but it gains 40 more horses for a revised total of 602 hp while 413 lb-ft of torque helps the R8 GT blast its way to 62 mph in 3.2 seconds before topping out at 199 mph. A seven-speed dual clutch automatic is all-new and Audi claims that it was also designed to improve shift behavior.

An all-new Torque Rear mode also makes its debut and as the name implies it allows drivers to adjust how much traction control assist the car provides from one to seven with one being the least assistance possible. That allows drivers to gradually get used to the car’s mannerisms with the ability to add or decrease assistance depending on your skill level as a driver.


Weight Shedding Defines Exterior & Interior Updates

In addition to the enhanced performance, the 2022 R8 GT also benefits from a 44 lb diet which is evident when you look at some of the styling choices that the 3,461 lb two door gets. They include race inspired 20-inch forged wheels, carbon ceramic brakes, as well as a special carbon fiber infused plastic that’s used in the bucket seats and the rollbar. Meanwhile, black emblems are splashed all over the car and a Carbon Aerokit (aka a body kit) adds a large front splitter, massive rear wing, diffuser, and tidy side skirts.

The interior is a bold mixture of black and red with this color choice being a nod to the original GT model which first appeared with the same interior layout back in 2010. Audi also made sure not to skimp on the details and even includes a small plaque by the gear shifter that denotes where in the production order a GT is in.

When Can I Buy One?

Speaking of production, Audi will only be building 333 examples of the R8 GT for the whole world. It’s not known how many of these will be heading to the United States but look for that information to be revealed in the near future. Pricing was also not announced, but as is the case for other ultra-rare production runs look for the whole batch to be spoken for before deliveries start in 2023.

The burning question though is whether we will even see a third generation R8 or not? The current one was designed from the ground up to be a V10 only offering and while we have seen occasional rumors pointing to an all-electric version, Audi has not formally commented on them and has remained silent on the question. Of course, there’s a chance that the model could retire too with the money from the R8 program potentially being spread to more EV projects within the broader Audi sphere of operations.



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