2025 Aston Martin DBX707 Becomes Default DBX, Gets Interior Updates

Aston Martin wanted to make a splash when the company unleashed the DBX SUV in 2020. The model was supposed to enhance Aston’s foothold in the segment and give the company a secondary sales avenue that wouldn’t rely so heavily on their lineup of sports cars and rand touring models. The DBX proved to be very successful for the company and with the DBX707 in particular proving to be a runaway hit, Aston Martin has used the new model year to not only trim the lineup, but also make interior updates to the model as well.


DBX707 Becomes The King of The Lineup

Aston Martin originally offered a default model of the DBX alongside the more powerful 707 model. However, the 707 proved to be so popular that the company has axed the slow-selling base model for 2025. This is not the first time that the company has made adjustments to compensate for abrupt shifts in consumer sales patterns with the inline-six version of the DB7 coupe being axed after the V12 overtook it and became the volume seller for the model moving forward.

As for the 707, it will become the sole DBX model available and promises to deliver the goods for buyers with these models being powered by a beefed-up version of the company’s 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 that makes 697 horsepower. Like the V12 DB7, the 707 has enjoyed immense popularity and Aston is hoping that customers will take better advantage of the company’s long list of customization features and the Q bespoke service to customize the SUV to their specific tastes.


Interior Overhaul Defines 707

In addition to becoming the only DBX model in the lineup, Aston has also given the interior of the DBX707 a massive upgrade for 2025. Part of these revisions focus on editing select portions of the design with the curves being toned down and a greater emphasis on having a split between the driver and the front passenger. 

The dash-mounted selector buttons have also disappeared and have been replaced with an easy to use toggle lever. Aston also says that the veneer panels have been enlarged and that additional chrome trim pieces have been sprinkled in too. DBX buyers will have two basic upholstery choices to choose from with the Inspire Comfort package giving the SUV quilted leather seats with “matrix style” embroidery while the Inspire Sport package gets Alcantara inserts and “vector embroidery” (whatever that means.) The performance hardware has also been tweaked too with the suspension tuning being tweaked to promote more handling behavior.


When Can I Buy One?

Aston Martin didn’t reveal final pricing for the 2025 DBX707 but confirmed that the model will go on sale later this year with the launch taking place within that same period of time. 


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