Audi Skysphere Concept at Pebble Beach 2021

The Skysphere Concept is an unusual and highly experimental design ethos from Audi.  In being so very unlike their current range it seems to make a bold statement about the elegance of cab-backward, front-engine GTs.  Or at least those are the proportions, but that long hood is surely filled with batteries and motors in this case.

None of Audi’s current quattro-intensive range approaches this level of dash-to-axle ratio and this ultralong hood is a striking addition.  The glasshouses for the front and rear lighting elements are interesting and the tactility of the 3D badge up front is quite something.

It is nice to see some fresh ideas from Audi even if this one isn’t an instant slam-dunk on the design front.


Audi Skysphere Concept – Gallery at Pebble Beach 2021 Concept Lawn

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