Honda Teases 2023 Pilot TrailSport, Promises Big Things Are Coming

Honda’s TrailSport lineup is out to show that the Japanese automaker can blaze a trail off the beaten path when called to do so. The new trim level has proven to be popular with customers with the Ridgeline and Passport TrailSport models all boasting strong sales from buyers looking for an edgier Honda for their driveways. However, there’s one final missing link in the family, and Honda has chosen to rectify this with the newly updated 2023 Honda Pilot TrailSport.


Pilot Brings Family Commuting To The Harshest Of Trails

Honda’s lone teaser image is about as vague as it gets, with the company using an extreme zoom out to obscure the SUVs finer details. This trick however perhaps worked a bit too well, with the SUV actually blending into its rocky surroundings (it took us a bit to formally locate it.) After you find this proverbial Waldo, it’s obvious that Honda has big things planned for the model. The heavy camouflage suggests that the SUV will receive significant updates but Honda’s release didn’t reveal too many details.

That said, look for the performance side of the equation to not be too radical of an exercise. We suspect that the model will get a slight suspension lift as well as more underbody protection to keep the internals from being damaged by stray rocks. The interior could also receive TrailSport exclusive colors and materials but we will have to wait until Honda gives us a better (and closer) view of the SUV to formally answer that question. The 2022 model uses a 280 hp V6 to get around and we’re confident that this model will continue the tradition. There’s a slight possibility that a detuned version of the Acura MDX’s turbocharged V6 could make it here, but like before, we have to wait until Honda chooses to deliver the goods to find out if that’s true or not.


When Can We Buy One?

Honda’s wafer thin release didn’t reveal a formal timeline, but look for the next generation Pilot TrailSport to appear towards the end of the year, with the first production units rolling out in early 2023. Pricing will most likely increase from its predecessor but we suspect that Honda’s desire to maintain a strong value for dollar quotient will play a role in keeping the increase from being too extreme with a base model potentially starting at $47,000.

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