Jaguar Registers Trademark For Electrified Sports Car, EV-Type: Cometh?

With Jaguar wading through turbulent waters generated by slowing demand in the Chinese market as well as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the company is more determined than ever to rapidly expand its EV lineup. Jaguar already revealed that it will be bringing an electron powered XJ sedan to the market, but a new patent filing appears to suggest that Jaguar has more in store in its electrification plans, including a potential model called the EV-Type.

First uncovered by the folks at Autocar, the trademark in question covers the EV-Type moniker, with the application itself still currently in process according to the WIPO global database. The claim was first staked in mid February, and could serve as evidence for rumors that suggest an electrified sports car could indeed be in the works. Assuming that things go this way, the EV-Type would obviously be inspired by the legendary E-Type convertible, and would also inhabit the same territory as the F-Type sports car. We suspect styling will perhaps draw inspiration from those sources, though its electrified nature will most likely keep it from usurping the F-Type’s consumer base. If you recall, the F-Type did that when it arrived, with the model causing the aging XK grand tourer to be axed due to slumping sales.

Autocar also claims that the initial design for the EV-Type was penned by former Jaguar chief designer Ian Callum before he left the company. While it’s unknown how much of Callum’s influence will be left in the final design, the publication claims that it was based on the C-X75 which could perhaps offer some of its show car DNA to the EV-Type, but the ultimate fate of the EV-Type will hinge on whether the F-Type switches from a fully gasoline powered model, to a pure electric Tesla fighter. If it does make the switch, then it would eliminate a key reason for the EV-Type’s development as a sports car.


But regardless of how Jaguar ultimately chooses to proceed, a potential F-Type replacement would not appear for another two years. The current generation F-Type recently received a major refresh that added a new front fascia, as well as minor interior improvements for the coupe and convertible.

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