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Jaguar Registers Trademark For Electrified Sports Car, EV-Type: Cometh?

With Jaguar wading through turbulent waters generated by slowing demand in the Chinese market as well as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the company is more determined than ever to rapidly expand its EV lineup. Jaguar already revealed that it will be bringing an electron powered XJ sedan to the market, but a new patent filing appears to suggest that Jaguar has more in store in its electrification plans, including a potential model called the EV-Type. First uncovered by the folks at Autocar, the trademark in question covers the EV-Type moniker, with the application itself still currently in process according to …

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Jaguar Promises Bigger Size, More Sportiness For Next Generation XJ

Despite not being spotted in the wild as of yet, Jaguar is indeed working on the eventual replacement for the current XJ flagship sedan. While key details are still being kept close to the hilt, Jaguar’s chief design guru Ian Callum has decided to reveal some preliminary details in an interview with the folks at Car Advice at the Geneva Motor Show. During the fore-mentioned interview, Callum revealed that the next generation XJ will grow in size to help enhance cabin space. This is obviously a response to criticism about the cramped confines for occupants, especially rear passengers that have …

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