Jaguar I-Pace Gets Light Mid-Cycle Update In Europe, Is America Next?

The Jaguar I-Pace first entered the marketplace in 2018  and was supposed to be Jaguar’s first entry into the EV market. The I-Pace impressed us when we drove it a few years ago, and it appears that Jaguar is preparing to update the model with European models getting a light mid-cycle refresh that aims to remove some of the rough edges and make the I-Pace a contender again in the EV wars.


A Nip & Tuck Gives This I-Pace New Levels Of Style

We weren’t kidding when we said that Jaguar gave it a light update, with observers having to look very hard to spot some of the changes that Jag made. The front end carries over some of the core traits of the old model, but the nose has been smoothed out, and the newly closed-off grille itself is adorned in Atlas Grey. While we prefer the older mesh-type grille, the new piece gives the I-Pace a cleaner face and allows it to follow the recent trend towards closed-off grilles that we have seen in other models. An updated Jaguar logo is also included, and Jaguar claims that these changes and others are meant to simplify the design. Still, we suspect that this attempted simplification will only be noticed by certain buyers.

The P400 Sport mirrors some of these core changes, but they now get a reworked rear spoiler that adds more sportiness to its lines. All models also get access to a new lineup of alloy wheel designs that can go up to 22 inches and can even be ordered with self-sealing tires. A panoramic sunroof is a new option for buyers who want a good view of the sky and embrace an open-air driving experience.


Carryover Hardware Soldiers On

Jaguar’s release didn’t mention any updates to the performance hardware, and thus we suspect that it retains the existing 394 hp dual-electric motor setup seen in the current generation I-Pace. These motors would also be powered by the carryover 90 kWh battery pack, giving the I-Pace 292 miles of range between charges. That figure shrinks to 246 and 217 miles when the bigger wheels are equipped. This setup is pretty potent and is enough to get the I-Pace to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds.

The interior images that Jaguar chose to release keep certain aspects in blue-tinged shadows, but the I-Pace is slated to get the latest iteration of the Pivi Pro infotainment system with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well as integrated Amazon Alexa capability. The interior also appears to have gained tweaked sport seats, but the low light levels prevent us from getting a more detailed look.

The one unanswered question is whether these updates will float over to U.S. spec I-Paces. While the European model has been a good seller for Jaguar across the pond. Here in the U.S., the reception has been noticeably more lukewarm. Two Jaguar dealers that we visited recently confirmed that demand for the I-Pace has been sluggish, and this has prompted them to reduce allocations for the EV. Only time will tell what Jaguar intends to do with the U.S. availability of the I-Pace, but we’ll undoubtedly update when we hear more.

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