2017 TOPCAR Porsche Panamera 971 Stingray GTR Edition


Never shy about modding a hot Porsche!

Larte Design has a menacing makeover in store for the new-gen Panamera 971 series.

This dramatic exterior makeover from the crew who make the incredible 911 STINGER is called something similar: the STINGRAY.

This widebody spectacular shares nearly no panels with the stock Panamera.  The smoothly slowing fender extensions and reverse breather vents make the Stingray GTR into a super touring car!  With four doors and 24K gold interior detailing, of course.

The bodywork is all available as bare or painted carbon and the kit comes in just below $30k in total.

Porsche Panamera 971 – Stingray GTR Edition By TOPCAR Design


TopCar Design 

Porsche Panamera 971 – Stingray GTR Edition

The work uses the highest quality and costly materials – fine leather, crocodile leather, carbon fiber, precious wood, 24K gold.

The final touch to a new image of the car – new wheel rims. Specially for its customers in TOPCAR Design have prepared a whole collection of disks of various designs from the best world producers: HRE, ADV.1, 1221.

The starting price of the aerodynamic body kit: € 24,556.00

TOPCAR Design’s carbon fabric manufacturing is located in Russia, but the company has representative offices in all parts of the world, which makes it possible to build a Porsche Panamera Stingray GTR Edition anywhere in the world.

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