Porsche Macan Widebody by TOPCAR Is Carbon-Kevlar SuperTruck!

Check out this Porsche Macan by TopCar of Russia!

This full kit results in an absolutely stunning SUV stance, widebody look and supersport style. With these rounded and gigant wings, the Macan starts to resemble a 4×4 Veyron. To make this look takes more than 20 individual pieces, which means you can buy the upgrades piece by piece if needed. It also means easier installation — you can have the parts shipped to any customizer or auto tuning shop globally.

A few high-dollar tuners like Mansory make it a bit trickier to buy single pieces, so TopCar has the right idea as we see it.

Most of the pieces are available as primer/paint-ready carbon-kevlar or exposed carbon-fiber with just a gloss protector clearcoat, which is pretty cool too.

Last nice detail? The pricing is actually fairly reasonable — the full kit price range is $15 – $20k depending on your choice of finish.

See the full catalog list below, plus a few Macan’s wearing this ‘URSA’ widebody upgrade.

 TOPCAR Porsche Macan

Tuning Porsche Macan by TOPCAR

Traditionally, the TOPCAR company is working with Porsche cars and offers a range of aerodynamic body kits for models Cayenne, Panamera, 911 Carrera. And at the moment the TOPCAR company one of the first who introduced his own project for a brand new Porsche Macan.

Aerodynamic body kit will consist of:
-front bumper
-the lower lip of the front bumper
– extender of the front fenders (two parts)
-extender of the rear fenders (two parts)
-linings on the front fenders with TOPCAR logo
– side skirts
-rear bumper
-rear bumper diffuser
-rear spoiler

This kit is designed for all modifications of the Porsche Macan. All elements of the TOPACR aero-kits manufactured using vacuum-formed technology and using carbon fiber and Kevlar. This technology provides the highest quality parts. Details are set without fitting in regular places mounts. Additionally, the TOPCAR company offers its customers a program to improve engine power, individual design-projects for modification of the interior and ultralight forged ADV.1 Wheels.


Description Price per unit Bodykit Package without Carbon Parts — 13 480,00 € Bodykit Package with Carbon Parts — 17 080,00 €
Porsche Macan Aerodynamic body kit
01.Front bumper 3 400,00 € + +
02.Front spoiler 1 010,00 € +
03.Front fenders, hood parts, 2 pieces 640,00 € + +
04.Side skirts, 2 pieces 1 590,00 € +
06.Front fenders, bottom parts with air ducts and TOPCAR decals 1 280,00 € + +
05.Rear fenders, door parts, 2 pieces 640,00 € + +
07.Rear fenders, 2 pieces 600,00 € + +
08.Rear bumper 3 180,00 € + +
09.Rear diffuser 1 010,00 € +
Set of 4 TOPCAR decals 130,00 € + +
10.Rear spoiler, bottom, 3 pieces 690,00 € Option
Rear spoiler, bottom, lacquer finish & installation 320,00 € Option
11.Rear spoiler, top, complete, 3 pieces 1 010,00 € Option
Rear spoiler, top, lacquer finish & installation 430,00 € Option
13.Rear spoiler, top, horizontal part, 1 piece 480,00 € Option Option
12.Rear spoiler, bottom, lacquer finish & installation 100,00 € Option Option
Rear spoiler, top vertical sections, 2 pieces 530,00 € Option Option
Rear spoiler, top, lacquer finish & installation 150,00 € Option Option
Grilles in the front bumper 3 pieces 320,00 € Option Option
Rear spoiler, top, lacquer finish & installation 100,00 € Option Option
Hood air vents, 2 pieces, with installation only 720,00 € Option Option
Gloss black plastic inserts with LED side lights (Macan turbo stock parts), 2 pieces 270,00 € Option Option
Complete kit lacquer finish & installation 4 240,00 € Option Option
Wheel Spacers 615,00 € Option Option
Carbon parts
02.Front spoiler, Carbon 2 120,00 € Option +
04.Side skirts, Carbon 2 650,00 € Option +
09.Rear diffuser, Carbon 2 440,00 € Option +
14.Door side plates, front and rear, Carbon, 4 pieсes 1 800,00 € Option Option
10.Rear spoiler lower, Carbon 1 380,00 € Option Option
11.Rear spoiler upper, Carbon, 3 pieces 2 020,00 € Option Option
13.Grilles in the front bumper, Carbon, 3 pieces 640,00 € Option Option
Rear spoiler upper, horizontal part, Carbon, 1 piece 960,00 € Option Option
12.Rear spoiler upper, vertical sections, Carbon, 2 pieces 1 060,00 € Option Option
Hood air vents, 2 pieces, Carbon, with installation only 940,00 € Option Option
Innotech Performance Exhaust X pipe + Valvetronic Muffler + remote control module + Tips 3 883,00 € Option Option


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