2015 Unimog U218 and U423 Upfit Showcase: 4 Seasons Hero in 30+ Configurations!

When investing in a hard-core heavy truck like the new Unimog U218 and U423, you might have one or two general usage scenarios in mind.

But once you realize how unstoppable and customizable the Unimog platform is, what was once a snow-plow or fire rescue truck is suddenly an all-purpose hero.

Pull a freight train?  Check.

Agriculture tractor-replacement?


Extreme landscaper?

Check, check, check.

Here is the incredible Unimog in 150 photos showing some of its most popular upfitted uses. A handful of the photos are the previous-gen trucks  – which can be told apart based on the grille. The new U218 and U423 have a single-bar grille opening versus the previous multi-slat grille.

These are not quite as stylish as the big-dog U4023 and U5023 — but arguably even more useful thanks to their short-box chassis design versus the larger and longer range-toppers.

2015 Unimog U5023

2015 Unimog U218 and U423 Upfits


These are a wacky bunch of Unimogs — in no particular order or organization.



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