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Here is a curious machine.  One that we’ve loved from afar — and up close — for a few years now.  The Huracan fired up in the AMP pit lane for XtremeXperience’s track day with the most fury, and the most sheer energy.

There is no hiding the 5.2-liter, naturally-aspirated V10’s goodness.  And if you think it sounds great on ignition… wait until we get into the throttle!

In standard Strada street mode due to the track conditions, however, the Huracan drove itself into a solid third place among the 458 Italia and McLaren 570S.  While the AWD Lambo had much more grip than the rear-drive crew on this wet track, it drove huge and heavy.  The steering, in this drive mode at least, was shockingly heavy and slow.  Lots of arm-twirling to get around tight bends in this Lambo.  A physical drive, then, that likes to be thrown around by the scruff of its neck!?

Twin-Camera HD Track Drive Video



The Huracan’s cabin also won the day versus the Ferrari or McLaren.  You barely notice the plunging roofline and extreme inward-tilt of the side windows.  It all feels just so entirely conventional!

The car surely would come alive with more experience behind the wheel.  What was perhaps most notable about the Lambo, besides its sound and curb appeal, was how light the nose feels.  Definitely unlike most AWD cars in that regard.  But the rump of the Huracan felt like it was dragging on the pavement it was so weighty.  An intense drive that closed with a few pops of downshifts from the absolutely fantastic double-clutch shifter.

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2016 Lamborghini HURACAN LP610-4 – XtremeXperience

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