Best of Awards – 2015 Ford Transit Connect Cargo 1.6L EcoBoost – 4K Track Test Drive Video

Proof that a turbo engine can make any car or van a hoot? The Ford Transit Connect Cargo with the optional 1.6-liter EcoBoost engine!

Check out the brief autocross video to see a preview of every busy delivery driver near the end of his shift.

The TCC (Transit Connect Cargo) is comfortable and sporty with a low center-of-gravity but an elevated view forward. It is a bit like a tall Focus or a slammed Escape — but hooning a cargo van makes it all the more enjoyable. With the MyFord Touch and Navigation, the TCC makes almost no sacrifices for all that customizable cargo room in the back.

Buyers have lots of help with clever interior upfittings and shelving solutions, thanks to the specially-designed interior body with threaded screw holes all around and more than a dozen companies ready to install your setup right at (or very near) the Ford factory.

The style outside is very fresh and tasteful, especially with the painted bumpers shown on this test car.

But overall, the biggest single fun-factor versus the Transit Connect Wagon Titanium? The turbo engine…!


2015 Ford Transit Connect Cargo



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