2024 Ford Mustang Embraces New Technology And Beefier Performance In Quest For Muscle Car Supremacy

It’s not often that we get to see the debut of an all-new Ford Mustang. The last time we saw an all-new Mustang was back in 2015 when the sixth generation Mustang made its global debut (minus the heavily camouflaged one we saw at Woodward.) The model has aged well since then, but the steady march of technology and progress has begun to expose a few wrinkles in its muscle car ambitions. Ford is out to show that the Mustang still has youth and vigor and it has done so with the unveiling of the 2024 Ford Mustang, which leaps into its seventh iteration with several new pieces of technology and a renewed emphasis on performance.


Fighter Jet Inspired Mustang Interior Locked And Loaded For Performance

Typically, we would usually start with talking about how the exterior of the Mustang has changed, but the 2024 model’s interior steals the spotlight with all the revisions that it has received for the new model year. It’s still a low-slung environment, but it’s now a more digitized one with the fighter jet-inspired cockpit featuring an all-new 12.4-inch digital instrument cluster that’s underpinned by the utterly insane Unreal 3D graphics engine. This potent piece of software should be very familiar to gamers, and it delivers crisp quality animations and graphics that can be configured to show the driver a wide variety of information and data. 

“We’re taking advantage of every pixel” said Craig Sandvig Ford Mustang, interaction design manager. “We can be creative in showing necessary driving information and give the driver control of selecting different colors, classic Mustang gauges, or even a calm screen where only minimal details are displayed.” That’s especially apparent when you look at one mode that allows the screen to seamlessly flow into a second integrated screen in the center stack. Ford engineers also claimed that they wanted to make the cabin more inviting for Gen Z/Millenial buyers by incorporating more functions into the screen (i.e, removing the hard buttons), but we’ll hold our judgment until we get to see the setup in person.

Move beyond the screens, and your hands are greeted by a flat-bottomed steering wheel that helps improve entry and exit, while the standard model gets a full-cloth interior. Premium models get an upgraded cloth interior, while the GT Premium gains leather inserts. A leather-wrapped steering wheel is also available in some trims, and the seats can even be equipped with a unique upholstery pattern when the proper trim level is chosen. The Mustang also gets the Mach-E’s Power Up Software suite that allows the Mustang to receive specific software updates that can improve various aspects of the car, including performance.


Seventh Generation Mustang Styling Is Time Machine To The Past

Thankfully, Ford chose not to go too far outside the box with the exterior styling for the 2024 Mustang and instead chose to refine and build upon the solid foundations that were laid out by the sixth generation model. The front fascia artfully mixes classic and futuristic vibes with the GT models benefitting the most from the revisions. These models now get a centrally mounted hood vent, a reworked lower bumper as well as a meaner face to help solidify its role as Ford’s fun machine. The headlights are narrower and on higher trims they have LED inserts to help these models stand out in nighttime driving. The taillights also retain their vertical design and their sequential operation when they are serving as the tailights, but they too benefit from a slight rework with the lenses now tapering more into the trunk lid which helps create a more aerodynamic look. The grille and the lower intakes on both models are bigger than before which is a nod towards increased airflow and cooling 

Lesser models have a slightly plainer identity when compared to their V8 cousins, but with the Mustang potentially winning the revived muscle car wars once again in their current form, we’re glad to see that Ford didn’t skimp the details on these lesser ones and even in base form, the Mustang still looks ready for track ready fun. Ford will also be using the seventh generation model to debut a new Bronze Design package. As the name implies, it focuses on adding splashes of bronze accents to the Mustang with the wheels and the badging all being adorned in the coppery hue. If that’s not your taste, Ford has you covered and will offer the 2024 Mustang in 11 different colors including two new hues (Vapor Blue and Yellow Splash.) A new roster of alloy wheels are also coming too with base models getting 17-inch wheels while GT variants get 19 or 20-inch hoops depending on configuration. 



Ford Still Keeps The Performance Formula Fresh

Various rumors pointed to this version of the Mustang getting either a hybrid engine or all-wheel drive. However, Ford confirmed today that the Mustang is getting neither of these things and will continue to offer the pure muscle car experience for the seventh generation Mustang. Like before, the Mustang will come with a pair of engines, with a reworked 2.3-liter four-cylinder EcoBoost engine being the base engine. Buyers that want the full experience will be happy to hear that the 5.0 liter Coyote V8 will live on but the fifth generation engine benefits from a number of new technologies that aim to make it the most powerful Mustang V8 (Shelby excluded) ever produced. 

This is thanks to several improvements, including a dual air intake airbox and a dual throttle body design that reduces induction loss and encourages higher amounts of airflow. While Ford isn’t adding hybrid technology to the V8 (for now) look for some of these tweaks to also have a hand in increasing fuel economy slightly, with buyers getting to choose from either a six-speed manual or an optional 10-speed automatic. 

“This is the most athletic and confidence-inspiring Mustang EcoBoost and GT to drive yet,” said Krenz, Ford Mustang chief nameplate engineer. “Whether driving an automatic or manual transmission, thanks to drive modes combined with fine-tuned digital engine, suspension and steering controls, we’re now able to give drivers peak performance everywhere, from their favorite roads to their local track.”

A performance pack is available for both Mustang models and adds several track-focused add-ons to the car, depending on what configuration it is. EcoBoost models get bigger front and rear brakes, a limited-slip differential, a front tower brace, and a slick MagenRide adaptive suspension. GT versions of the package go a few steps further and add brake ducts for enhanced cooling, as well as an auxiliary oil cooler. Oh, and it would be a crime to forget to mention the Active Exhaust system as well as the Recaro sport seats. 

Ford also equipped GT manual models with a rev-matching system that helps sharpen shift behavior while also making it more refined as well when out on the road. Handling has also been reworked, with the car now benefitting from a quicker ratio steering system and revisions to the shocks and springs to reduce body roll and encourage better communication between the car and the driver.  


When Can I Buy One?

Ford is not ready to talk pricing just yet, but confirmed that the 2024 Mustang will begin rolling out to dealerships in summer of 2023. When it does, the muscle car will enter a drastically altered landscape where the Dodge Challenger (and potentially the Chevrolet Camaro) will no longer be in production. This means that Ford will once again be in prime position to be the sole player in the muscle car market though it will be interesting to see what happens when the segment switches over to pure EV power during the next few years.

In the meantime, raise a glass and say a toast to Ford’s most powerful expression of muscle car performance yet.  


Carl Malek has been an automotive journalist for over 10 years. First starting out as a freelance photographer before making the transition to writing during college, his work has appeared on numerous automotive forums as well as websites such as Autoshopper.com.

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