Concept Flashback – 2005 RINSPEED Chopster vs Porsche Cayenne Turbo S

This one was always a memorable favorite. EDAG Design and RINSPEED worked together to make a concept show car that few other tuners could handle: the Cayenne Chopster.

Lowering the roof of any car is a huge, huge job that requires hundreds of hours of laser cutting, pillar height changes, re-mounting and re-welding. Not to mention the glass, the rear tailgate shape alterations, the new nose, new fenders front and rear…

While we knew a lowered roof on the RINSPEED Chopster was fantastic at providing a hot look and profile, we did not really realize how unique the Chopster is versus the factory Cayenne SUV.

We estimate the height drop at 5-inches total, which is quite a bit, but enough to leave plentiful headroom with racing seats in place of the plush leather originals.

The fantastic result of the Chopster alteration is only partly the low, “chopped” roof. The rest of the assist comes from a shorter front overhang, an extra eight inches of width via widebody fenders, reshaped rear bumper and taillights, and extra rake to the tailgate and rear spoiler.


In the real world outside photoshop, any roof chop like this is a huge undertaking.

Surprusisingly, the Chopster is one that is not instantly known as a cut-top Cayenne. One might think, in the blink of an eye, that this is the factory truck’s roofline.

Obviously, this is not the case.

On the move and even still from many angles, this is a wide, low and mean SUV to the core.

We love it.

A few Chopsters were actually produced for buyers who craved this look back in the mid-2000s.

For these days, the forthcoming 2016 Bentley Falcon is tipped to get a very racy rear roofline versus the frumpy EXP-9F concept that preceded it.

2005 RINSPEED Chopster


2007 Porsche Cayenne





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