Shows Artful Porsche 911 GT3 Foil Wrap Design and Execution

In the old days, changing a car’s color was only possible in one method: a full respray.

This is not a good route for high-performance and high-dollar luxury machines for many reasons. Most of which comes down to the quality of body-shop paint versus factory paint. We have all seen a sad repainted car a few years last – dull, fading on the roof and hood from the sun, and sometimes even with bits of the original color shining through the poor-quality paintjob.

In addition, much of the exterior on the car has to be disassembled to do a paintjob properly. Generally, body shops are not experts in your particular brand of car – making the results feel slap-dash and not re-assembled to OEM standards.

In the last few years, the world of car wraps is stepping in to address this hole in the automotive aftermarket very nicely.

The quality of these upgrades also vary widely, and the taste of the buyer is often more trnedy than timeless. Matte black was once the toughest and most-easily-applied wrap – so it gained a big following for its cool appearance unlike any paint. Matte paint is basically impossible. It just is hard to do from the factory machines – and costs $20,000 as an option when offered on Lamborghini’s and other models.

So wraps started as matte-finish and gained a big foothold.

The next wave of wraps is foil – glossy, shiny and lovely foil. This creates a finish more like a race-car than anything else.

Why? Because this is how they decorate actual racecars.

Taste and design become a big issue as well as quality execution and application. Because you can do anything – the results are pretty subjective in their appeal.

The team proves that with enough experience and aesthetic prep work, the results of the latest foil wraps create eye-popping visual impact, long-term durability, and the ability to change it at will in a few years time.

This 991 Porsche is extra lovely as a result – catching eyeballs like a magnet on the autobahn’s of Germany and beyond.

FOSTLA.DE serving AS „man’s clothier“
The lot of advantages that has foil wrapping in comparison to car painting can’t be denied. And it is likewise largely notified that this handicraft art, serving on the one side to improve the individual appearance of the car and conserving on the other side its value, knows a lot of differences. One of the first addresses for ambitious partial or full car wrappings is without any dept the Hannover, Germany, FOSTLA.DE company, the managing director of which, Mr. Darius WALLAT, together with his team of full blood professionals has again and again success to create masterpieces of art.
First of all, the object of experience – which was no less than a Porsche 991 GT3 – has been dressed by a glossing white complete wrapping. In order to resist against stone chips or other trials of the everyday automobile life, the front has been covered with double layer wrapping. Only after that, for FOSTLA.DE began the scrupulously precise work in detail. A bilious green design foiling goes around the lower corner of the car body – except the rear area. The upper edge of the air inlet in front forms the borderline to the white body area, manifesting itself on the body sides by three black stripes, while the middle stripe is some smaller than the others are. Behind the doors the borderline clearly mounts up to the rear wings.

In addition, there are to be mentioned the front bonnet, the roof and the rear motor bonnet with likewise bilious green longitudinal stripes, on the sides limited by black stripes each. Quasi as final touch, FOSTLA.DE has wrapped both outer mirrors, even as the rear wing diffusors on both sides in bilious green. Last but not least the upper front window corner is decorated by a wedge with Porsche logo.
This Porsche 991 GT3 justifies once again thoroughly the image of the FOSTLA.DE team as „man’s clothier for cars“. Looking at the result of all this, the price of the complete design wrapping with about 4,000 Euro must be simply accepted.

Photos: – concepts

For more information concerning this design-wrapped Porsche 991 GT3 please contact directly – concepts
Darius Wallat (Gf)
Stoeckener Str. 49
D-30926 Seelze (Hannover-Letter)

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