2014 Range Rover Sport By StarTech Is Gorgeous Even Without the Widebody



Man, I have fallen hard for these custom StarTech Range Rover Sports today!!

Generally not super excited by custom cars and tuner stuff – they just seem very OTT, in many cases. Over-the-top styling enhancements are fine if you are a pop star or athlete, but at the local grocery store in your town or city?

It might look like you are trying a little too hard.

StarTech strikes a good balance with these upgrades, so here is article two: *Without* the widebody.

StarTech calls this the ‘Refinement’ program versus the Widebody program – and refinement in this case means ‘classiness.’ ‘

Bold customs, high style.

The key difference on the outside is the lack of the fender flares. Which is actually just fine by me – these StarTech trucks look amazing in both configurations.


Here is the transition from Stock to a StarTech Widebody.

Why did I make this price sheet from scratch with dollar prices? Because I love readers like you. Thanks. =]

PRICING – 2014 Range Rover Sport By StarTech


2014 Range Rover Sport PRICING    
Art. No. Description Net price EURO US DOLLARS
(EST; June 2014 1.36 Conversion Rate)
  1R5-002-40-SI Monostar R. 10Jx22″. single piece. silver. full polished. Tire size FA+RA: 295/35 R22 789.92 Euro $1,074
  1R5-002-40 Monostar R. 10Jx2″. single piece. black. centre star silver. full polished. Tire size FA+RA: 295/35 R22 789.92 Euro
  145-002-40 Monostar IV. 5 spoke design. 10Jx22″. single piece. anthracite. high gloss polished. Tire size FA+RA: 295/35 R22 789.92 Euro $1,074
  1S5-103-30 Monostar S. Cross-Spoke design. 11J x 23″. forged. “Titan” colour anthracite matt painted. Tire size FA+RA: 305/30 R23. only in combination with STARTECH Widebody-Kit 1,950.00 Euro $2,652
  1R5-002-23 Monostar R. 10J x 22″. black. centre silver. full polished. Tire size FA+RA: 295/35 R22. only in combination with STARTECH Widebody-Kit 789.92 Euro $1,074
  LR-002-50 Wheel spacers. 50mm per axle 198.00 Euro $269
  LG-008-00 Lowering module. approx. 25mm 1,411.76 Euro $1,920
  LW-670-00 Valve guided sports exhaust V8 5.0l SC. electrical adjustable. stainless steel 4,200.00 Euro $5,712
  LW-SD30-10 PowerXtra SD 30 S for SDV6 3.0l. +22kW/31hp; 80Nm up to 237kW/323hp; 680Nm. including STARTECH Tuning Warranty up to 3 years or 100.000 km; ONLY EXPORT !!! 1,790.00 Euro $2,434
LW-SD30-00 PowerXtra SD 30 for TDV6 3.0l. +20kW/27hp; 80Nm up to 210kW/285hp; 680Nm. including STARTECH Tuning Warranty up to 3 years or 100.000 km; ONLY EXPORT !!! 1,790.00 Euro $2,434
  LW-200-00 Front bumper. PUR R-RIM. incl. LED position / daytime running lights and LED fog lights 2,750.00 Euro $3,740
  LW-200-30 Front bumper PUR R-RIM. incl. LED position/ daytime running lights and LED fog lights. spoiler in carbon high-gloss 4,200.00 Euro $5,712
  LW-400-00 Rear bumper. PUR R-RIM. with integrated exhaust tips and central rear for light in “Race-Design”. Not for vehicles with trailor hitch. 2,950.00 Euro $4,012
  LW-400-30 Rear bumper PUR R-RIM. with integrated exhaust tips and central rear fog light in “Race-Design”. diffusor in carbon. Not for vehicles with tow bar 4,600.00 Euro $6,256
  LW-450-00 Roof spoiler PUR R-RIM 690.00 Euro $938
  LW-450-30 Roof spoiler. PUR R-RIM. carbon spoiler blade 1,850.00 Euro $2,516
  LW-500-00 STARTECH Widebody-Kit 2,750.00 Euro $3,740
  CHR-000-36 Chrome STARTECH logo for trunk lid. high gloss chrome finish 19.90 Euro $27
  CHR-000-38 STARTECH logo for bonnet or trunk lid. replacing original RANGE ROVER logo 49.00 Euro $67
  LW-200-02C Carbon diffusor in high-gloss finish for front bumper LW-200-00 1,490.00 Euro $2,026
  LW-400-02C Carbon diffusor in high-gloss finish for rear bumper LW-400-00 1,650.00 Euro $2,244
  LW-700-20 Carbon grille. high-gloss finish 2,200.00 Euro $2,992
  LW-700-25 Carbon Cover for bonnet panel. high-gloss finish. set 1,200.00 Euro $1,632
  LG-700-30 Carbon mirror cover in high-gloss finish. set 999.00 Euro $1,359
  LW-700-35 Carbon cover for side air intake in high-gloss finish. set 1,450.00 Euro $1,972
LW-700-40 Carbon trunk panel cover. high-gloss finish 930.00 Euro $1,265
  LG-350-00 Entrance panel set front. stainless steel. illuminated 580.00 Euro $789
  LG-350-10 Entrance panel rear. stainless steel 210.00 Euro $286
  LG-819-00 Aluminium pedal pads 152.10 Euro $207
  LG-819-01 Aluminium footrest 150.00 Euro $204
  LW-871-10 / -20 Floor mats black with STARTECH Refinement logo. 4 pieces. LHD or RHD. special colour upon request at surcharge (see picture) 225.00 Euro $306
  LW-857-00 Leather interior: front and rear seats incl. headrets. door panels. dashboard. middle console. etc. Price on request Price on request
LW-857-10 Headliner complete in leather or alcantara incl. sun visor and A-. B- and C-pillars. with or without sunroof. choice of colour and piping upon request Price on request Price on request
  LW-877-00 Wood / Carbon interior. 10 pieces 4,560.00 Euro $6,202
  LW-880-00 Teak wood floor for luggage space 2,990.00 Euro $4,066
  LW-890-00 Carbon floor for luggage space 3,490.00 Euro $4,746
All prices are recommended retail prices. ex works Bottrop. Errors or technical changes reserved.        
All mentioned prices are excl. fitting and painting.        


2014 Range Rover Sport By StarTech


2014 Range Rover Sport StarTech Widebody

StarTech of Germany’s WideBody stretches the width of the truck by about 2.5-inches via wider fenders, sills and wheels. A custom module for the air suspension goes even lower than stock at the push of a button or when at highway cruising speeds, hunkering the Range Rover Sport down low on its 23-inch rolling stock.


The front bumper is also very premium and appealing. It is a magnet for the eye because it is so different and unique than the factory RRS bumpers, which are pretty dull indeed by comparison. These photos also show a few extra LED lighting elements that are very cool and unique.

Especially if the lower sills are not painted – which many American trucks are not. Generally, the 3.0-liter Supercharged V6 is shipping to dealers without painted bumpers and lower sills, which is reserved for the Supercharged V8 models.

So if you are in a V6 Range Rover Sport – these upgrades are doubly worthwhile.


This piece is also wonderful. It looks so cool and premium with the vertical exhausts and side spats. Very well-done.



Generally, all these parts are available individually as well as in a full conversion. The interior is subjective, and a few of the exterior mods seem like overkill if you are feeling frugal.

StarTech has installation centers in the United States, or would likely work with you to have the parts shipped to the local body shop of your choice for installation.

No pricing is immediately available, but I would ball-park about $10,000 for this StarTech Widebody upgrade, and $4,000 more for the wheel/tire package — which will be needed to fill up the wider arches fully.


Range Rover Sport STARTECH Widebody


STARTECH Press Release

World premiere at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show

Wider, more dynamic and exclusive:
The STARTECH WIDEBODY version for the Range Rover Sport

Wider, more dynamic and exclusive: These three attributes perfectly describe the STARTECH WIDEBODY designer outfit for the new Range Rover Sport. STARTECH (Brabus-Allee, D-46240 Bottrop, phone + 49 / (0) 20 41 / 7744 555, fax + 49 / (0) 20 41 / 7744 544, internet www.startech.de), a BRABUS Group company, celebrates the world premiere of the striking WIDEBODY version equipped with 23-inch ceramic-coated forged wheels at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show.


The STARTECH REFINEMENT program for the British SUV also comprises sporty carbon-fiber applications for the body, a ride-height lowering and the STARTECH SD30 S performance kit for the 3.0-liter LR-TDV6 turbodiesel engine.
Individual requests for cabin refinement are fulfilled by STARTECH with luxurious interiors crafted from fine leather and Alcantara, rounded off with tailor-made wood and carbon-fiber applications.
The high quality of all STARTECH REFINEMENT components, all safety-approved, is demonstrated by the one-of-a-kind three-year STARTECH Warranty for up to 100,000 kilometers (see STARTECH Warranty Terms and Conditions, updated June 2013).


The new STARTECH WIDEBODY version adds 60 millimeters to the width of the new Range Rover Sport, making it even more striking. To this end, the designers from the refinement specialist have developed curved fender flares that increase the available space in the wheel arches to make room for forged STARTECH Monostar S 11Jx23 wheels and 305/30 R 23 high-performance tires.


These king-sized wheels are a perfect example for the many high-tech developments from the STARTECH engineers: Thanks to cutting-edge forging technology this cross-spoke design saves some 15 percent in weight compared with a conventional cast wheel. Another innovative feature of this wheel is the novel “burned bronze” ceramic coating.

This high-tech coating is particularly resistant to thermal stress and provides protection against the heat radiating from brakes and tires. But there’s more: its extremely smooth surface repels unsightly deposits of brake dust and road grime much better than conventional paint and thus keeps the wheels cleaner. And despite their lightweight design, the STARTECH forged wheels offer extremely high strength. As an alternative to the 23-inch wheels, STARTECH also offers a number of 21-inch and 22-inch tire/wheel combinations for the Range Rover Sport.


The STARTECH designers also implemented innovative ideas in the development of the front and rear components that replace the production bumpers in their entirety. The components at the front and rear, manufactured in OEM quality from flexible PUR-R-Rim plastics, were designed to fit with or without the fender flares.


The STARTECH front bumper compels with its distinctive styling that features a seemingly free-floating center section, large air scoops and integrated daytime running lights. In addition, the sophisticated shape contributes to a further reduction in negative lift on the front axle at high speeds.


The design of the rear bumper gives customers the option to order an especially sporty version of the central diffuser with a clear-coated carbon-fiber finish. Two vertically arranged tailpipes in hallmark STARTECH design exit on either side of the diffuser. They can be combined with the production exhaust system or with the STARTECH stainless-steel sport exhaust with electronically controlled exhaust flaps. This sound management allows the driver to switch the exhaust note between decidedly discreet and thrillingly sporty from the cockpit at the push of a button.


The rear end of the new Range Rover Sport, with or without WIDEBODY version, can receive an even more dynamic appearance with the three-piece STARTECH roof spoiler. The spoiler profile can be painted in vehicle or contrasting color. A version made of clear-coated carbon-fiber is also available as an option.


This composite material from motorsports is also used for other sporty body upgrades. The STARTECH REFINEMENT carbon-fiber program for the Range Rover Sport comprises the radiator grille, exterior mirror housings, side air vents in the front fenders, the liftgate trim strip and the surrounds of the hood vents.

The STARTECH suspension module for the standard air suspension provides more agile handling and further enhanced safety reserves. It lowers the ride height of the Range Rover Sport by 25 millimeters when traveling on roads. For getting in and out of the vehicle as well as for off-road operations the vehicle’s ride height remains at the production level.


STARTECH REFINEMENT also means more driving fun as the result of more power. In a first step, STARTECH offers the SD 30 S performance kit for the Range Rover Sport with 3.0-liter LR-TDV6 Biturbo diesel engine. The STARTECH module controls the engine with new mapping and is designed as a plug-and-play device that can be installed by any specialist workshop in less than an hour.

After the installation the driver commands a powerful 238 kW / 323 hp at a low 4,000 rpm, up from the standard 215 kW / 292 hp. At the same time peak torque increases from standard 600 Nm to 680 Nm, on tap already at 2,000 rpm.


The performance-tuned turbodiesel engine is the perfect complement to the eight-speed automatic transmission and shortens the sprint time for 0 – 100 km/h from standard 7.2 to 6.9 seconds.


The cockpit of a Range Rover Sport customized by STARTECH offers maximum individuality. The STARTECH REFINEMENT upholstery shop crafts exclusive all-leather interiors or leather and Alcantara interiors in any desired color.


The show car for the 2014 Geneva Motor Show sports an all-black interior. Closer inspection of this all-leather interior crafted from especially soft nappa leather reveals a significant feature. The seat cushions and the center section of the backrests are quilted in the same honeycomb design that can be found on the radiator grille of every current Range Rover model. The decorative stitching on the seat side bolsters also features the same pattern and was color-coordinated with the ceramic-coated STARTECH forged wheels.


To emphasize the sporty aspirations of the British SUV, the STARTECH interior designers have developed a tailor-made genuine carbon-fiber trim set, which replaces the production paneling on the dashboard and center console. The trim set is available in virtually any color. The STARTECH REFINEMENT program also includes exclusive wood trim sets in various colors and with a variety of surface finishes.


All STARTECH components are available at the STARTECH branches and service centers around the globe.


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