Land Rover Teases Defender 130, More Length Means More Space For Adventure

The Land Rover Defender lineup has been rapidly evolving with each new variant appealing to a distinct customer demographic. While the 110 version brings plenty of size and passenger room to occupants, Land Rover is preparing an even larger beast with a new teaser image confirming that a bigger 130 model is coming to showrooms.


Subtle Changes Keep Defender 130 Firmly In The Family

The exterior styling here is mostly unchanged from what we have already seen in the 110 with the core exterior DNA carrying over mostly unchanged. The major change is in the length but while a wisp of kicked-up sand artfully keeps the extra inches hidden away, it’s known that the model will add 14 extra inches to the SUV which will be a noticeable upgrade in space for third-row passengers.

The wheelbase will stay the same as a standard 110 so the bulk of its trail numbers will remain intact though the extra slice of sheet metal will undoubtedly play a role in hurting its departure angle especially over challenging obstacles. In addition to the extra length, the 130 will also offer a slightly different seating layout with the two upfront seating being complimented with two rows of three-passenger bench seats. The two benches allow the 130 to have the ability to haul one other passenger when compared to other Defender models.


When Can I Buy A Defender 130?

Land Rover didn’t release formal pricing or distribution data yet on the 130 but expect the model to come with the turbocharged four or inline-six-cylinder engines. We are not expecting a V8-powered version which is partly due to the possible mechanical alterations that Land Rover would’ve needed to do to accommodate it as well as pricing.

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