GT40 vs Cobra Track Battle VIDEOS! Superformance Brings American Racecar Glory Global via Shelby Asia

Superformance Ford GT40 – in-car track cam

Editor’s Intro: Can you tell I am getting excited to visit Olthoff Racing tomorrow in Charlotte, NC?


Have you ever wished you could just wake up tomorrow day inside Gran Turismo?  Or even better, in the pit lane of Daytona circa 1965 ?

Well beyond 3D — and into 4D of not just SSM (sight, sound and motion) but SSMTSFG — Sight, Sound, Motion, Touch, Smell, Fear and Glory?

Well, for a modest amount of cash and enough skill – Superformance racecar recreations can do just that.

These two videos demonstrate the broad appeal of the Superformance Cobra and Ford GT40 the world over — even a cool 50 years since both of these beasts started prowling the winners circle of LeMans and Daytona.



Superformance Cobra — in-car track cam

These cars are Superformance recreations of the all-time greats — but now with the benefit of in-car HD video to go along with all the fear and glory the Cobra and GT40 represent.

Until getting to 8D of Touch, Smell, Fear and Glory as dubbed above, please enjoy these just-published videos from Shela Asia. They are worth the watch for their drivers’ bravery and the cars’ faithfulness to every detail of the original Shelby Cobra and Ford GT40 — including their track ferocity!

These cars are not fantasy. But red-blooded reality for sale today around the world, with pricing starting from about $99,000 for a car like the Cobra 289 shown in video two.

For all the details on Shelby Asia, cruise over to

Or add them on Facebook here


Closer to home, Olthoff Racing has some fantastic Daytona Coupes and Ford GT40’s as well — including one for sale in Monza red! More details tomorrow…!



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