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Why Getting That New Car May Actually Be Worth It

With countless blogs and websites stressing the importance of saving and minimizing on purchases, some may feel reluctant about splurging on a new vehicle. After all, any new vehicle is a significant investment that, for many, requires financing and adds to existing bills. Because of this, some people may have the mindset that as long as their vehicle gets from point A to B, there is no reason to search for something new. However, before the prospects of buying a new car are written off entirely, consider the reasons why it may be worth getting the car you want after …

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Insider: Top 3 Reasons NOT To Buy A Brand New Car

There are definite benefits to buying a brand new car; you’ll come away with a lot of new gadgets that make driving more fun and safer too, and you’ll have the prestige of driving around in a car no one else has ever driven before. However, there are far more benefits to buying a second-hand car, and these mean that buying a new car should never need to be a consideration. You’ll Pay More For A New Car If you want to save money but still buy a great car, second hand is the option that will suit you best. …

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How to Add New Tech to Your Car

There are few pieces of technology that we bond with more than our cars. Sometimes you keep a car because it has sentimental value, or to be economical. Sometimes you’ve found a special connection to that one model you can’t buy anymore. Old cars are great, but when your friend pulls up in a brand-new ride, you might come away with a case of tech envy. That’s OK, because adding technology to your vintage car is completely doable, and will make it even more your own. Here are a few of our favorite methods to modernize your low-tech car. Upgrade …

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