LightFox 20″ LED Light Bar and 4″ Pods Review

LightFox LED Light Bars

Vic Offroad sent us a few LightFox LED light bars to test. The items they sent are the LightFox Rigel Series 20 Inch LED light bar with a combo beam and the LightFox 4 Inch LED light bar 2 Pack. We tested them in comparison to the factory headlights on an upcoming project vehicle and found them to be significantly brighter. Even the little 4″ pods put out more light than the headlights.

Overall we found them to be very bright and well built. There are many budget LED lights on the market, but we are always wary of their performance. With the LightFox LED light bars we were impressed with their brightness and their ability to resist water and dust intrusion. They are IP-68 rated and can operate in an insane temperature range of -40°F to 300°F (-40°C to 150°C). In short they are a great buy for those who need good quality on a budget.

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Be sure to watch the video to see the full review where we turn them on while underwater!


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