Industry Insider: Taking Good Care of Your Hybrid Car

There’s an increasing range of good hybrids hitting the market as of late, from the Hyundai Tuscon to the Toyota RAV4, and if you haven’t done it already, then you might be tempted to make the switch to the green option. However, if you’re planning to change over, then you need to get used to the differences that come with a hybrid, as well. In particular, taking care of your vehicle, and giving it the maintenance and attention it deserves is vital if you want it to keep running as well as it should. Here are a few pointers on how to do that.


Find the right mechanic

Although electric cars and hybrids are both getting a lot more popular, there is something of a lag when it comes to the services queried to take care of them. As such, you shouldn’t expect that you can take your hybrid to any mechanic and expect the same level of expertise as you would if you took it to a real expert. Take the time to locate the nearest electric/hybrid car technicians near you. Most importantly, you want to ensure that there’s able to provide the right battery care, repair, and replacements on top of the hybrid’s engine. Both are what drive the power of the vehicle, but those who have a keen understanding of the more complex electronics in hybrids are also well worth keeping in touch with.

Get to know your battery

No car can run without a battery, but hybrid and electric cars naturally demand a lot more of them and, as such, they should get a lot more attention and care. For instance, you want to make sure that you’re aware of how things like cold and wet weather, including humidity, can affect your battery so that you’re able to protect it from them. One of the most important habits for a hybrid or electric driver to learn is that you should never let your battery fully drain, either. Going from 100% to 0%, then back up to 100% can wear down at the maximum battery charge, and reduce its lifespan. Installing a charging station for an electric vehicle on your own property can make it a lot easier to ensure this doesn’t happen. In general, you don’t want the charge to fall any lower than 40% too regularly.


Maintain it more regularly

Not every aspect of caring for a hybrid is going to change too much. For instance, you’re going to need about the same level of regularity when changing oil, transmission, and radiator fluids, although you can get hybrid specialist fluids to work even more efficiently. That said, you want to make sure that you pay more attention to your coolant levels, since both the battery and engine produce more heat, which tends to run through coolant a lot more. That said, one of the benefits of hybrids is that engines, in general, don’t degrade as quickly, since the car isn’t relying on them alone for the power that drives it.


With the tips above, hopefully, you can give your hybrid car the extra care that it demands and deserves.

Featuring photos of the RAV4 and Hyundai Tucson Hybrid.

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