2022 Lexus LX600 F Sport Review: First Real Update in 14 years!

Finally the LX has received a major update with the 2022 LX600! Toyota is known for getting the most out of their tooling by running vehicles with minimal changes for extended periods. The previous LX, the LX570, ran for 14 years on the same platform.


Largely defining the rest of the size of the vehicle, Toyota has decided that the perfect wheelbase is 112ish inches (2850mm). Beginning with the 80 series Landcruiser in 1990, every Toyota Land Cruiser and Lexus LX sold in the US since then has had this same wheelbase. That continues with the 2022 LX600.

Outside the dimensions are nearly identical from the outgoing generation. The LX600 is 1 inch shorter in height, other than that all exterior dimensions are within a fraction of an inch. Despite that, the LX600 looks completely different from the LX570.

From the front, the grill is even larger than before. In fact we aren’t sure where the bumper ends and the grill begins. Its size is almost comical when the side vents are included. While the previous model had bulges in the hood, they have become much more pronounced in the 600. Triple beam LED headlights light the way with fog lights low in the corners.

Moving down the side we again see more prominent body work. Everything was rounded and bulbous in the 570. The 600 has similar features but hard creases which make for a more athletic appearance. 265/50R22 tires that run a little over 32-inches tall wrap 22-inch forged aluminum wheels. Something unique about the tires and wheels is that the spare is identical to the rest of the wheels and even includes a TPMS sensor. More on that later.

Around back the most prominent features are the rear lights. Running from edge to edge, the LEDs are bright and clearly defined. The overall profile is quite boxy, but the body is slightly narrower up top than at the wheels.

Towing Setup

With an 8,000 pound towing capacity the LX600 should have no problem taking a boat to the lake. However, towing wasn’t well thought out in this design.

Removing the hitch cover is done with body clips that really need a trim tool to be taken out properly. We broke one of the two clips by using a screwdriver. Competitors use a push and twist style clip that is much easier and tool free.

Once uncovered, a massive receiver is displayed. While it has the standard 2-inch opening there is additional tubing that actually makes the outside of the receiver wider than the 3-inch version found on Ford Super Duty trucks. This oversized design makes installing the hitch pin pain. A standard pin for a 2” receiver is too short. An extra long pin ends up being too long to install because the bumper blocks access. A Locking hitch that fits the Ford 3-inch receiver comes up just short here. We were able to find a pin that fits, but it was certainly a pain.

The final issue with towing setup is the location of the 7-pin wiring harness. When equipped (our tester wasn’t) the 7-pin outlet is under the vehicle and pretty far inboard. Some trailers will require an extension in order to reach that far and still have the ability to make turns.


Infotainment and Tech

Inside is clearly where Lexus focused much of their time in development. The most notable is the technology suite. We’ve seen dual screens in other vehicles, but Lexus has done an excellent job implementing theirs.

The lower screen focuses on climate control, but does have some other features and views available. Our favorite setup is the display with vehicle settings like ride height, transfer case position and brake/acceleration pressure, AND the climate control.

All the normal stuff that you would see displayed in a single screen system is available on the upper screen. This is the standard infotainment screen with audio, navigation, and vehicle settings.

There are a lot of features requiring various ways to control them. Lexus has done well in organizing and simplifying the layout as much as possible. All of the buttons, dials, and switches are clearly marked and easy to use when needed.


Giving off more sporty vibes, the F Sport is trimmed with black and red leather throughout. Up front the seats are soft and supportive with 10 adjustments, which include side bolsters and lumbar support. This allows the seats to be individually tailored for most drivers.

The middle row has dual climate zones and heated and ventilated outboard seats. The outboard seats are also equipped with child seat anchors. This allows for two car seats and a booster seat. There is a center armrest in the middle row housing cup holders and a small storage area. This center section can also be folded to fit long items and still carry 4 passengers. There are a couple of USB charging ports located at the bottom rear of the front center console for the middle row passengers.

Climbing into the 3rd row does take a little effort. The rear seats are low to the ground making them less comfortable for average to tall people. Seat angle is powered to recline them for more head room or better comfort. For charging in the 3rd row there is one USB port on each arm rest. There are two cup holders per side with a small cubby below them as well.

In the majority of vehicles the front windows have defrosting vents and the rear window has heating elements. In the LX600 the windshield and EVERY side window has a defrost vent with the rear still having the heating element.

On Road

Ride and handling has improved significantly from the previous generation. While KDSS isn’t available on the LX600, it does have hydraulically controlled shocks that are adjustable. This same system is used to control ride height. On road it works quite well and this generation remains flatter in the corners and when braking. However, don’t expect it to be sporty, even in Sport mode.


Suspension travel seems to be down just a little from the previous generation. Also in Lexus guise the approach, departure, and breakover angles aren’t as good as the Land Cruiser LC300 offered in other countries. That is at normal ride height. Raise the suspension and there is great clearance and much better angles. Suspension travel is still good which helped it traverse rough roads at high speeds without issue.

The only other problem we ran into was the 22-inch wheels make for small sidewalls. We ended up pinching the tire between a rock and the wheel. This popped the tire, but thankfully didn’t damage the massive forged aluminum units.


With a base MSRP of $101,000, the 2022 Lexus LX 600 F Sport has a fairly high starting point. However it is very well equipped and our tester only include a few options:

Active height control $1,300

Mark Levinson 25 speaker audio $2,660

Premium Paint $595

Roof Cross Bars $450

Carpet Cargo Mat $140

Wheel Locks $95

Destination $1,345

Total $107,585

While this certainly is a lot of money, the LX600 is also very nicely equipped. Compared to other vehicles in the class the quality and performance puts the LX right in line with the Escalade and Navigator.


Coming in with a high price, the 2022 Lexus LX600 F Sport is extremely well equipped. Quality, both mechanically and for the interior appointments, is immediately noticed. When compared to the Mercedes GLS, Lincoln Navigator, and Cadillac Escalade the LX600 feels more solid all around. While it may not be as optimized as its competitors, it just feels durable. Despite this durability the luxury appointments are still top tier.


Matthew Barnes is an experienced towing expert. He works as a mechanical engineer and his day job involves testing a variety of vehicles while towing trailers of all types and sizes. Matt shares his knowledge by writing for automotive news outlets in the evenings. When he’s not working he can be found spending time in the great outdoors with his family. He enjoys camping, hiking, canyoneering, and backpacking. Whenever possible he spends time riding in or on any power sports vehicle he can find and claims he can drive anything with a motor, which probably isn’t true.

Matt lives in the Utah mountains and often posts cool off-roading videos to his Instagram and YouTube channel.

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