Maserati GranTurismo Sharpens Its Image, Folgore EV Marks Milestone

The Maserati GranTurismo was once known for being one of the oldest models in Maserati’s lineup. Combining the classic sports car layout with a Ferrari sourced V8, the coupe was a stylish throwback to an era where cylinders, luxury, and style defined the GT segment. However, it’s interior technology was aging rapidly and electrification has become a must have item for well heeled buyers. After a short break, the revived GranTurismo returns, and it’s aiming to reclaim its status as a class-leading GT offering.


Sleek GranTurismo Styling Combines Traits From The Past And Present

At first glance, you might see a strong resemblance to the outgoing model. Maserati claims that this was intentional though don’t mistake this version for a lazy retread because while the core elements are the same, there’s plenty of new things going on. The front fascia has the long hood that you expect from many GT cars, but the headlights have been reworked and the lower bumper meshes better with the chrome front grille. It still has a bold personality, but it’s less garish and the signature “Confango” theme allowed the designers to incorporate the GranTurismo’s hood and front fenders into a single unified look with the cut line being moved to the corners.

The MC20 supercar also played a strong influence in the design and that includes the rear fascia. While it doesn’t have as much pop as some of its rivals, we prefer the subtler taillight design as well as the wide rear haunches. The GT will initially launch in six different exterior colors, but Maserati’s in-house Fuoriserie customization program has even more available especially for buyers who are willing to part with more change for the privilege of only being limited by their imagination. This program also has options for the brake caliper color for those that think seven shades of choice are simply not enough.

We still don’t get a good view of the interior, but the glimpses we doe see through the windows indicate that buyers will be treated to an oasis of luxury depending on the trim level they choose. If you choose the Trofeo and you’ll get jet black seats with red emblems and contrast stitching while the Modena gets a more luxury focused set of gear including quilted leather seats.


Folgore Spearheads GranTurismo EV Performance, Nettuno V6 To Power ICE Models

The big news here though is what’s lurking under the skin, and the GranTurismo Folgore will be the first Maserati model to bring electrification to buyers. The Folgore (not to be confused with the Killer Instinct franchise character) gets its motivation from three 402 hp electric motors which helps the model produce a combined 750 hp with two of the motors being mounted at the rear while the third is located at the front. The Folgore uses an 800 Volt architecture but ditches the frunk for improved aerodynamics with the rear boot being tasked with hauling cargo. All-wheel drive is standard in all GT models, but it’s a rear biased system and the Folgore can send 100 percent of the battery’s power to the rear wheels.

The resulting performance helps the Folgore charge into the realm of the supercar segment with Maserati claiming that the model can make the spring to 62 mph in 2.7 seconds before topping out at 198 mph (just shy of the vaunted 200 mph figure.) Thankfully, for those that still prefer to have their luxury car experience in ICE flavor, Maserati will continue to offer a gasoline powered model with the Modena and Trofeo models being powered by the 3.0 liter twin-turbocharged Nettuno V6. While the loss of the V8 in the Trofeo is a necessary evil for the sake of fuel economy, this is roughly the same engine as the one in the MC20 albeit with a wet sump system versus the supercar’s dry version. That means Trofeo versions get 550 hp while the Modenas make do (and we use that term rather loosely) with a 489 hp version. These tunes allow both ICE models to make the sprint to 62 mph in 3.5 and 3.9 seconds respectively.


When Can I Buy One?

Maserati is taking a two-tier approach as far as the GranTurismo’s launch is concerned with the ICE powered Modena and Trofeo models arriving first in 2023. The Folgore will then launch shortly after but Maserati reps didn’t provide a solid timeline for that model’s arrival though we suspect it’s because the company wants to make sure the battery and electric motor technology is ready for consumer use before unleashing the Folgore into the market.

Look for a GranCabrio version to also be in the pipeline with the outgoing GranCabrio being a strong seller for Maserati in certain regions during its time in production. We also get to wait to hear final pricing but look for it to be a noticeable bump up over the old GranTurismo especially with some of the new technology and performance equipment that are on board.

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