Maserati Shows Off GranTurismo Design, Confirms Nettuno V6 Will Be On Board And Adds Nice Livery

Maserati may have not formally unveiled the all-new GranTurismo coupe just yet, but that doesn’t mean the company is willing to sit idly by and let some of its rivals command the global spotlight. The company has decided to show off the car early and not only added a nifty livery to it, but also confirmed that the Nettuno V6 will be coming along for the ride too.


GranTurismo Walks The Cat Walk With New Livery Package

Maserati claims that the GranTurismo is the “true icon” of Maserati and that’s reflected in some of the styling that this coupe brings to the table. The front end is long and swooping and does a good job providing excellent detail and other contrasts especially when the car is viewed from certain angles. The classic long hood short deck layout also helps the headlights be one of the main focal points of the car. the rear styling rides the line on elegance and features elegant LED taillights and the rear bumper is a nice nod to its older predecessor.

Maserati even adorned the photo car with special Maserati 75th anniversary logo graphics that not only embrace the Italian red white and green tricolor flag, but also the dark blue that has become synonymous with Maserati over the past few decades. It’s a nice touch, but sadly, look for this livery to be a corporate only exclusive. The design here appears to have changed very little from when we last saw a heavily veiled example earlier this year which is a good sign that the company has brought a lot of the show car look to the GranTurismo intact. Sadly, we do not get a view inside, but look for the cabin to be a noticeable step up in quality and technology over the outgoing model.


Nettuno V6 To Play Prominent Role In GranTurismo Lineup

While the all-electric GranTurismo Folgore will be the performance darling of the lineup thanks to three electric motors that produce 1200 hp, the Italian luxury brand also knows that the transition to EVs will not be done overnight and confirmed that the Nettuno V6 will also play a prominent role in the GranTurismo in the short term.

Maserati is still not ready to talk about formal performance numbers just yet, but we do know that it makes 621 hp in the MC20 supercar, so look for perhaps a slightly detuned version that will still be firmly in the mid 500 hp range to power the GranTurismo. That would also allow the car to be a middle ground option in the lineup for buyers with the MC20 covering the performance extreme while the smaller Grecale SUV uses a 523 hp version of this engine. The Nettuno also promises to be the most fuel efficient ICE engine the company has ever built and is also designed to be a very flexible piece of technology with Maserati planning to use it in future hybrid models as well.


When Can I Buy One?

The Maserati GranTurismo is slated to go on sale in 2023, with the sleek coupe making its formal debut later this year. The GranTurismo will also follow in step with the company’s plans to offer an EV version of all of its models, with the brand eventually following some of its bespoke rivals in embracing an all-electric lineup by the end of the decade.

That would also mean a few departures in an effort to slim things down with the current generation Ghibli leaving the market in 2024. The Ghibli’s departure in particular will help remove a headache from Maserati’s sales with the car originally supposed to be part of a push to increase sales alongside the Levante. However, the projected numbers didn’t pan out in reality, with the Ghibli never hitting the sales targets that Maserati wanted. The resources freed up with the Ghibli’s departure will help benefit the EV side of the business and give the brand more flexibility in its transition to an all BEV future.

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