Hyundai’s N Day Celebration Reveals EV Future With RN22e, N Vison 74 Takes Hydrogen To The Track

We thought that Hyundai couldn’t possibly find a way to outdo themselves after yesterday’s unveiling of the Ioniq 6 EV concept, but the Korean car giant has managed to prove that we were once again wrong for underestimating their capabilities because N Day revealed some very interesting things about where things are headed for Hyundai’s wildest sub-brand.


Hyundai RN22e


On the surface, the RN22e might appear to b an Ioniq 6 at first glance, but look at some of its revisions and it’s obvious that this is a completely different breed of Hyundai. While it has retained the Ioniq 6’s basic shape, the rear doors were removed to save weight, transforming the concept into a formal coupe. The “R” portion of its name means ” “Rolling Laboratory,” and it shows thanks to some of the changes that Hyundai has made to the concept. That includes a bigger rear wing, wider fenders, as well as a large front splitter that helps generate the downforce needed to keep the concept planted in spirited driving.

The RN22E also shares the Ioniq 6’s E-GMP platform and battery layout and on paper it appears to mirror the same 577 hp that defines the Kia EV6 GT as well as some of its other essential performance numbers. However, unlike the Kia, N engineers equipped the concept with a dual-clutch limited-slip differential that allows the concept to achieve true torque vectoring in certain driving situations. In addition, this concept is also testing out a number of new technologies that will eventually come to other N EV models including the Ioniq 5 N. That includes technology to allow the regenerative brakes to adjust the way that the car handles as well as an N+ Sound mode that aims to make the driving experience more exciting by injecting artificial noises and vibrations (the latter like the rumble feature in a game controller) into the car through the chassis. It might sound like a gimmick to the average customer, but we look forward to experiencing it ourselves to see if there’s some validity to N’s ambitious claims.


Hyundai N Vision 74

While the RN22e is a glimpse into Hyundai’s present future, the N Vision 74 is arguably a glimpse into what would happen if Hyundai brought one of its most iconic concept cars into the modern age. Wearing a distinctly retro suit of clothes, the N Vision 74 pays homage to the iconic 1974 Hyundai Pony Coupe concept which was penned by Italian styling house Giugiaro. The look largely follows the script laid out in 1974 but the pixelated rear taillights and the extensive modifications to the exterior reveal the modern technology and engineering lurking underneath its bell-bottomed leisure suit.

The N Vision also serves as a window into Hyundai’s hydrogen research and is powered by two rear-mounted electric motors (that cover a specific side of the car) with the combined setup producing 670 hp and 664 lb-ft of torque. Unlike a traditional EV, the N Vision has two ways of providing juice to its motors, with the first method being a 62.4 kWh battery pack. However, if even more range is needed, a 4.2 kg hydrogen fuel tank is also onboard for quicker fueling as well as an alternate source of power if needed. Hyundai claims that the N Vision is capable of achieving 374 miles of range which is an impressive figure for a performance-focused EV.


When Will Either Of These Enter Production?

Both of these concepts represent the opposite side of the coin in that regard. The N Vision will purely be a show car mainly due to the challenges with hydrogen fuel cells. A prominent problem is the lack of hydrogen charging stations, most of which are in California. The stations outside the state are rare sights and often located in private buildings. For example, the only Metro Detroit hydrogen charging station is at Hyundai’s HATCI facility in Superior Township. We’re confident the befuddled security guard won’t let you go beyond the main gates to juice up your vehicle.

As for the RN22e, this concept is arguably the one that has some form of production potential. It’s not only previewing what a potential Ioniq 6 version could look like, but some of its technologies are trickling down into the Ioniq 5 N, which the company confirmed with a quick blast of big white text during its N Day video package. The Ioniq 5 N will be targeted towards weekend warriors and undoubtedly have spicier versions of the Tesla Model Y and other arrivals firmly in its crosshairs. N reps are keen to enter the next chapter of motoring boldly and some of these EV concepts are vivid indicators of how the sub-brand will tackle some of the challenges that exist in making EV and performance one complete package.

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