2022 Lexus LC 500 and 500h Arrive With Minor Updates, Introduce Bespoke Build Option

In our recently published review of the 2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible, we pointed out that the LC 500 had the potential to emerge as a true world-beater in the Grand Touring segment if it received the right amount of upgrades. Lexus appears to have been listening to some of this feedback from consumers and has introduced several minor updates that aim to keep the LC lineup fresh for 2022.


Bespoke Build Options Add Exclusivity, Shuffles Equipment Around

While these updates do not focus on the dysfunctional infotainment technology that constantly haunts the LC lineup like a ruthless specter, they do bring some other items into the forefront. Coupe models benefit from a reworked suspension which Lexus claims was “optimized to enhance ground contact feel, linear steering response, and steering effectiveness at high Gs.” That’s a lot of text to digest, but we look forward to getting behind the wheel ourselves in the near future to see if some of these revisions can further enhance the LC’s already confident character.

Other updates focus on some of the packages that Lexus will offer on the LC, with an all-new Bespoke Build option that mixes together some existing equipment. For example, the 2021 LC5 500 offers two Sport packages with either a glass roof or a carbon-fiber roof. For 2022, the carbon fiber top gets moved to the Bespoke Build slice of the pie and will be the only way moving forward to get this roof option.

As for the Bespoke Build package itself, it starts out as a coupe with both the Sport carbon roof and All-Weather packages but it doubles down on the personalization experience by offering exclusive colors as well as select items from the Inspiration series model. That includes the ability to equip the large rear wing from that model as well as the novel Manhattenhenge interior from that model.


LC 500h Gets Small Price Bump

Meanwhile, the LC 500 convertible has also seen its fair share of changes. The suspension has received some of the same tweaks but look for some extra ones to help reduce the amounts of flex and quiver that sometimes make their appearance in certain driving situations. Like the coupe, the convertible will also see some shuffling with its packages, but in this case, the bulk of the action will be focused on the colors that can be equipped to it.

Currently, 11 different colors can be equipped to it, but that gets slimmed down slightly to nine colors for 2022 with the removal of Liquid Platnium and Obsidian from the color pool. Pricing for the lineup is mostly unchanged for 2022 with the coupe and convertible having base prices of $94,125 and $102,175 respectively (both of those include the $1,075 destination fee. The lone price bump is found if you choose the LC 500h which sees its sticker raised slightly to $100,125 which is a jump of $1,440.







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