Hyundai Teases Next Generation Santa Fe With New Teaser Image, Hints At Sharper Front Facia

It’s not often that an automaker completely flips the script when it comes to designing a mid-cycle refresh for an automobile. Usually, the company in question would focus on lightly updating the model, but retain its core elements for a bit longer. Hyundai however is doing just the opposite with the Hyundai Santa Fe, and promises that customers can expect more than just a typical refresh for the next generation Santa Fe.

A key change here is that Hyundai will be replacing the current platform with an all new one. This rarely happens in the automotive industry, and is a bold move for Hyundai. The fourth generation model (dubbed TM) has only been out for roughly two years, but it has already undergone significant changes as Hyundai tries to keep the Santa Fe fresh and relevant in a segment that is still a hot battleground. Two teaser images released earlier today reveals that the front grille will have a radically different look, with the grille pattern changing depending on which trim level is selected. An angry set of headlights are also part of the package, and accompany all new vertical daylight running lights extending into the bumper. This helps create a T shape, and it helps us catch a glimpse of several round modules which could be a part of the radar cruise control system.

As for the platform itself, Hyundai claims that the next generation Santa Fe will be the first offering to be paired with “an all new third-generation vehicle platform.” It is expected to help unlock a new range of possibilities for the model, especially in regards to powertrains and green technology. This would include a potential hybrid powered version, as well as a plug-in model to further enhance its green profile. Hyundai also revealed that the abrupt switch to a new platform will also enhance the levels of performance, handling, and safety.


In Europe, the revamped Hyundai Santa Fe is expected to go on sale in September, but it is currently unknown when the SUV will go on sale in other markets including the U.S. The Korean car giant promises that more details and teasers will be released over the next few weeks. It will most likely follow the path set by other new Hyundai and Genesis offerings, with South Korean customers getting the first crack at it. The rest of the world will subsequently get their shot a short while later including the U.S.

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