Upcoming Second Generation Acura TLX Could Debut A New Turbocharged V6, Engine Allegedly Developed Just For Acura

The second generation Acura TLX has been an eagerly awaited offering. With SUVS and CUVS as well as the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic currently on the world stage, it can be easy to forget that some new products are still moving along with their launch schedule. One of these is the second generation Acura TLX, and a new report appears to suggest that buyers could benefit from an all new V6 which would be exclusive to the Acura brand.

We first got a glimpse of the next generation TLX when Acura unveiled the Type S concept at the Quail event back in 2019. While the Type S Concept itself is largely a design study that wowed the masses with its svelte good looks, Acura chose to not reveal any technical information on what could be powering the show car. According to a report compiled by Car and Driver, it appears that all the secrecy could indeed be worth it in the end, with the next generation Acura TLX possibly debuting an all new V6. The publication claims that its information comes from sources within Acura, and it would suggest that a 3.0 liter V6 is indeed coming. While Acura is not commenting on the validity of these statements, the alleged engine could possibly make at least 300 horsepower thanks to a smartly placed turbocharger. The new 3.0 liter would replace the stout but aging naturally aspirated 3.5 liter V6 that is already used not only on the current generation TLX, but also several members of the mainstream Honda lineup including the Ridgeline pickup, as well as the Honda Pilot. However, the Hondas will not receive the 3.0 liter, with that engine being an exclusive perk for Acura buyers.

Transmission options are not know at this time, but it would not be too surprising if the TLX is paired with the same 10-speed automatic that sees duty in other Honda models, with no manual option being offered. The exterior styling is said to carry a lot of inspiration and DNA from the Type S concept, and is expected ton take Acura’s styling language into uncharted waters for the brand which is good news for buyers that were looking to see the brand embrace more youthful and elegant styling motifs. The interior is also expected to be catered towards younger owners, with some tricks from the NSX supercar and even the Acura RDX being blended into the recipe.


With Acura choosing to not comment on these rumors for the moment, we will have to wait a bit longer to see what the company has in store. Brand execs have said in the past that Acura plans to unveil two all new models within the next 12 months, so we still have a long wait before any new information on either of these models is released by the Japanese luxury brand.

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